The Top 10 Sparkling Waters Of 2020

Top 10 Sparkling Waters Of 2020

Announcing Our Top 10 Sparkling Waters of 2020

When it comes to running a race, the best is always the person who crosses the finish line first. When schools determine the best student, it’s always the person with the highest GPA. However, when determining the Top 10 Sparkling Waters of 2020, the criteria is far more subjective.

What makes a Top 10 sparkling water? At Seltzer Nation, we’re all about flavor. Subtle flavor is fine, but only if it’s perfectly executed. Otherwise, we prefer seltzer that’s so full of flavor, you’ll swear it must be loaded with sugar and other food-science additives.

In addition to flavor, we’re looking at the absence of strange aftertastes, good fragrance, and other subtleties such as refreshment level. Most importantly, our panel of testers has shown a propensity to offer bonus points for uniqueness. Sure, a good lime seltzer will always have its place, but when two complementary flavors are perfectly paired, it’s definitely worth a nod.

In the end, it was a tall order determining our Top 10 list. There were debates and there were disagreements, and more than a few seltzers that narrowly missed the cut. However, we’re confident that any of the following superstars will make a worthy addition to your next meal.

So without further ado and in no particular order, we’re pleased to announce our choices for the Top 10 Sparkling Waters of 2020.

Bubly Lime Sparkling Water

Bubly Lime Sparkling Water— As you sip this drink and start appreciating its even keeled bubbles, you realize there seems to be a duality in the lime-ness (we don’t know if that was a word but it should be) of the drink. There’s an equal measure of sour and sweet in every sip, but as you take each taste the sweetness wins out making it the sweetest lime drink in town. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not like it’s so overly sweet that it has no other personality. While it’s pleasantly sweet, it also packs a tangy punch and holds its own compared to any rival lime sparkling water, or any other flavor for that matter, too.

Polar Tart Cherry Limeade Seltzer

Polar Tart Cherry Limeade Seltzer— Polar Tart Cherry Limeade Seltzer is one of the strongest-tasting seltzers we’ve reviewed to date. While some bold sparkling water flavors can be considered intimidating, this Seltzer’ade proves the opposite. It’s a delicious drink that holds your attention comfortably and welcomes you in with each sip. And don’t be thrown by the ‘tart’ element in its name. The cherry factor is sweet and delicious, caressed magnificently by the tangy lime.


LaCroix Coconut Sparkling Water

LaCroix Coconut Sparkling Water— LaCroix Coconut Sparkling Water starts off with a bang and has a very smooth finish to it, bubbles and all. It definitely stands apart from other seltzers in the market and is very different from other LaCroix sparkling water flavors, too. It’s the perfect companion for the beach but is also great by the pool. It’s a great tropical drink that makes a great mixer or even great as-is and is a great addition to your cooler. It’s refreshing and delightful and honestly great all year long.


Aha Peach + Honey Sparkling Water

Aha Peach + Honey Sparkling Water— Unquestionably one of the best combinations from Coca-Cola’s flavored seltzer water brand, Aha. In addition to the flavor itself, the colors of the can remind one of the leaves changing in autumn. But that doesn’t stop it from being a highly sought after flavor in the summertime, too. It’s perfect by itself, with a dash of juice, or a splash of your favorite alcohol to create a chic drink.


Waterloo Black Cherry Sparkling Water

Waterloo Black Cherry Sparkling Water— There is nothing quite like the flavor explosion you get biting into a black cherry. The sweet and sour mix of flavors that you get from wild cherries offer a true sensation on the taste buds. Waterloo Black Cherry Sparkling Water is an example of everything good about flavored seltzer water. For decades beverage companies have tested and tried many different variations of cherry flavored carbonated drinks. These experiments have had varying ranges of success. But Waterloo definitely got the flavor right on this one.

LaCroix LimonCello Sparkling Water

LaCroix LimonCello Sparkling Water— This creamy and scrumptious sparkling water instantly transports you to Southern Italy. The clattering at the local markets, fresh fruit vendors hawking their wares, church bells ringing, and children laughing as they play together in the streets. These are the sights and sounds one conjures up when tasting a LaCroix LimenCello Sparkling Water. Suddenly you feel like you are in Naples or in the village of Amalfi in a small café, drinking LimonCello after having eaten a big bowl of spaghetti.

Polar Blueberry Lemonade Seltzer

Polar Blueberry Lemonade Seltzer— The final word on this sparkling water is in. It’s a delight that draws high marks for flavor, blend, aftertaste, aroma, presentation and overall drinking experience. The blueberry flavor stands out for sure. Yet is matched well with a complementary lemonade element that gallantly steps aside. It’s a refreshing change to have blueberry be the focal point of a seltzer.  Something that isn’t too common when it comes to sparkling water flavors.


Polar Orange Vanilla Seltzer

Polar Orange Vanilla Seltzer— One whiff of a Polar Orange Vanilla Seltzer Water and all doubts disappear. The drink is perfumed and essenced with both orange and vanilla, but it has been put together in the most surprisingly delectable of ways. It is certainly an unusual pairing – the summer kissed Orange with the winter laden Vanilla — but it is a risk that pays off. The citrus and spice combination is intense and perhaps one of the most distinctive seltzer waters on the market.


LaCroix Pasteque Sparkling Water

LaCroix Pasteque Sparkling Water— LaCroix Pasteque (Watermelon) Sparkling Water is the kind of fancy water you might enjoy in the lobby of a 5-star resort or a refreshing pure drink you might be given in a spa when you have mud mask on your face and some cucumbers on your eyes. One might also get transported to the dazzling beaches of San Tropez, as the glamorous and beautiful mill around us and we sip on a watermelon-infused water.


Bubly Apple Sparkling Water

Bubly Apple Sparkling Water— Bubly Apple Sparkling Water takes the most reliable and classic flavor of apple juice and gives it a grown up and classy twist. Its flavor is gentle and it’s a subtle seltzer, but is surprisingly natural and cider-like. It can be enjoyed by itself or as a cocktail and it is as refreshing as its citrus counterparts. Satisfying and delicious, this apple sparkling water is not an obvious choice as a seltzer but after tasting it, might just be your only one.



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