Polar Seltzer’ade Review: Tart Cherry Limeade

Polar Tart Cherry Limeade Seltzer

Rating: 94 Points

Polar Seltzer’ade Tart Cherry Limeade Delivers Delicious Cherry Flavor

Polar Tart Cherry Limeade Seltzer— There comes a moment in life when all of the elements in a drink unite, collaborate and form one super drink. One that hits all the high notes and has an all-around great taste. That blends every ingredient exquisitely without leaving anything as an afterthought. Polar Tart Cherry Limeade Seltzer is one such moment. Part of the Polar Seltzer’ade line, this sparkling water deserves more than a mention and for all the right reasons. Strong flavor? Check. Delicious? Check. Zero calories? Check. Luscious cherry and tangy lime, this seltzer performs a scintillating dance on your taste buds. This may very well be one of the best sparkling waters we’ve ever tasted.

Well Balanced Flavor

Equal parts cherry and lime, this seltzer water is impressive in that the flavors are well balanced. Strong on their own and enjoyable without confusing the palate. Cherry and lime are both strong contenders for the seltzer flavor crown by themselves. But Polar Seltzer’ade Tart Cherry Limeade has achieved the near impossible task of making sure both flavors blend beautifully. Even more impressive is that this feat is accomplished without calories, added sugar or carbohydrates. All of which one would expect in a drink so tempting and sweet. Thankfully for us, Polar has figured out how to deliver savory taste without using any sweetener whatsoever.

Polar Seltzer’ade Tart Cherry Limeade Stirs The Senses

This bubbly water is certainly a drink that invokes many visuals and sounds. For instance, a sip of this seltzer might transport the drinker to the Shirley Temples one enjoyed as a child. Or perhaps even those cherry limeades from the Sonic drive-in burger chain. There’s nothing like a new drink that touches the memories that you hold so dear. It’s as if you get to relive all the elements of that happy scene with your sense of taste. Because every happy memory leaves a trace for it to be found again. Somewhere else, in another time and in another world. And this Polar Seltzer’ade does just that. It brings back those nostalgic vibes to present day and leaves you feeling gratified, loved and comforted.

The Cherry On Top

Of all the Polar seltzers we’ve reviewed to-date, Tart Cherry Limeade Seltzer is one of the strongest-tasting we’ve tried. While some bold sparkling water flavors can be considered intimidating, this Seltzer’ade proves the opposite. It’s a delicious drink that holds your attention comfortably and welcomes you in with each sip. And don’t be thrown by the ‘tart’ element in its name. The cherry factor is sweet and delicious, caressed magnificently by the tangy lime. Your taste buds will certainly enjoy providing the venue for these two partners to dance the night away together. From when it first hits your lips and after you’ve savored your last sip, the flavor stays consistent all the way through. The finish tends to be a bit strong due to the intense flavor, but isn’t unreasonable by any means. And if you’re a fan of cherry-flavored beverages, we’re sure that you’ll appreciate the intensity.


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