LaCroix Sparkling Water Review: Lemon


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LaCroix’s Lemon Flavor Water Didn’t Sour Us One Bit

LaCroix Lemon Sparkling Water— LaCroix Lemon Sparkling Water isn’t the most unusual or exotic seltzer in the market, but it is certainly is one of the best. It has the sophistication of a lemon drop cocktail and the charm of lemonade from a girl scout’s stand. And the sweet, fruity disposition of a lemon cheesecake. All this with zero calories and zero added sugar. It seems impossible to comprehend that there is no artificial sweetener or any form of carbs in this drink but it is true. The drink is naturally “essenced” and has no caffeine. Furthermore, it is vegan, gluten-free and contains no sodium. It is dubbed as “innocent” by LaCroix and with all its calorie free goodness, earns its name with it also being non-GMO and its cans having no BPA liners.

Ready To Party

LaCroix rhymes with enjoy and is the undisputed favorite sparkling water brand among millennials and gen-z alike. With or without alcohol it brings the party with it. It is an amazing ingredient in any mocktail, lending its citrusy effervescence to many drinks. It makes wonderful cocktails and lessens the calorie load in any beverage. Make your Margarita a skinny one or get a very light gin cocktail going by just adding a splash of this lemon seltzer water. It’s lovely to have with brunch, a light lunch on the go, or even with a heavy dinner. Also a great drink to have if you are trying to kick your sugary soda habit. This sparkling water gives you the satisfaction of having a refreshing and sweet beverage without any of the sugar.

LaCroix Lemon Sparkling Water Is A Winner

LaCroix’s Lemon is definitely one its most popular flavors yet. Just the right amount of lemon flavor to keep it interesting but not over-the-top. It doesn’t have any traces of bitter or chalky minerals you associate with seltzers and goes down smoothly. Lemon adds the zest to this fizzing beauty and not to mention a clean after taste that prepares your palate for other exotic surprises. The perfect companion to a beachy sunset, the arm candy to your glam night with the girls, and your best friend when you want the bubbles but don’t want to splurge on the calories. For those that might think the highly regarded LaCroix Limoncello is too sweet or too heavy, this is a lighter, less strong option. Also like most other LaCroix seltzer reviews, this one has the perfect level of carbonation.

Sweeter Lemon Taste

The flavor is great and its undeniably lemon, but it tastes slightly artificial because it is sweeter and less sour than the actual fruit. But no one is complaining. It makes it more approachable and appealing to the average consumer. So, when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Or in this case, drink LaCroix Lemon Sparkling Water. It’s sweet, clean, and crisp with a great start and has an even better finish. It has a gorgeous scent, is the perfect accompaniment to any meal, and works well when mixed with virtually any type of alcohol. This thoroughbred from LaCroix’s stable is a winner and is quite popular. Be sure order enough for your next get together or you’ll run out, no doubt.


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