White Claw Hard Seltzer Review: Lemon


Rating: 90 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall, White Claw Lemon Refreshes in All

White Claw Lemon Hard SeltzerWhite Claw Lemon Hard Seltzer is the perfect drink for summer. It could be the perfect drink for fall and may just be the perfect drink for winter and spring, too. It evokes sunshine, the chirping of birds, and rainbows with every sip. Lemon is one of the most neutral flavors with very few critics who dislike it. But the few who do will definitely change their minds when they have one taste of this lemon hard seltzer.

A Complete Citrus Experience

While it is a strictly lemon flavored not blended with other flavors, it somehow provides you with a complete bouquet of citrus fragrances. It smells like a day in an orchard. Gentle breezes blow floral notes and tickle your senses. It’s not overpowering like a cleaning product’s scent might be. And before you know it, you have surrendered to its dainty beauty and pleasant personality. It doesn’t feel unnatural and heavy but light and zesty, much in the same way that lemon slices do. The alcohol taste is faint but enough that you’ll know it’s there.

A Party for Your Palate

The carbonation and lemon flavor make it a great beverage of choice at mealtime, too. It’s great to have with heavy and oily meals as a palate cleanser. It’s a favorite with many demographics and even the snobbiest wine connoisseurs won’t mind trading in their glass of vino for a can of this lemon magic once in a while. This drink is great to keep in your party cooler, but be warned: the popularity of this particular flavor may have you going to the store for more sooner than you thought.

White Claw Lemon Hard Seltzer Shines

Its perfume is well-rounded and fragrant with every sip which doesn’t inundate you, and the taste is more prominent than the scent. At first sip it tastes like Sprite, minus the absurd sweetness. But then the lemon shines through giving the perky beads of bubbles some stiff competition. The winner is you, the drinker, who gets an even tempered, lemon scented, moderately carbonated, and spectacular beverage. While the sweetness, effervescence, and alcohol levels are modest, the flavor is through the roof. This lemon-flavored hard sparkling water is just about as delicious as it gets. The bubbles are small and energetic enough but don’t prevent you from enjoying the drink more quickly on a hot day.

Lofty Lemon Goodness

Reviewing this spiked seltzer was not bitter at all. White Claw Lemon Hard Seltzer sits high among the competition when it comes to this very popular flavor among consumers. Their competitors should sit up and take notice quickly, because this hard seltzer is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Its sweetness is honey-like and feels natural while its clean and crisp notes provide a smooth finish that will have you humming all day long. This lemony delight delivers peak performance day or night and in any season. It not only sparkles, but dazzles you with its superior lemon flavor profile, always leaving you wanting more.


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