Aha Sparkling Water Review: Lime + Watermelon


Rating: 75 Points

Aha Lime + Watermelon Sparkling Water Has Potential But Lacks In Some Areas

Aha Lime + Watermelon Sparkling Water— Aha Lime + Watermelon Sparkling Water is like a tall, bubbly watermelon drink with a healthy splash of lime in it. Just like peanut butter and jelly, apple pie and vanilla ice cream, and ham and cheese, certain things just go together in the food world. While these two flavors certainly could and should work together, the artificial taste and missing flavor balance make the final product comparatively average. And that confused combination of flavor profiles left us wanting more than we got from this particular seltzer.

Unbalanced Flavor

It’s very fragrant when opened, but is not sweet, not sour and not overpowering at all. There is a mild lime taste at the front but the watermelon quickly wins out. It is about 80/20 watermelon to lime, which is fine but the flavors could have been more balanced. Though consumers who don’t like the tartness of lime flavoring may find this beverage’s sweetness appealing. And while it’s somewhat artificial tasting, there is no aftertaste which is a nice win. Some seltzers have chalky and mineral like finish, but this one ends with a relative smoothness.

Aha Lime + Watermelon Sparkling Water Still Has Benefits

If you thought the flavor combination of this seltzer water was the best reason to drink it, there’s more. It has no calories, no sugar and no sodium. Add a splash of vodka, gin, tequila or rum to make a fancy cocktail with fewer calories. It’s also great to use for making brunch mocktails that feel luxurious and indulgent. Take advantage of this flavor combination’s summer fruit vibe and enjoy your cocktails as if a fancy bartender or mixologist crafted your drink. While we don’t find the flavor to be perfect, it’s unassuming and won’t offend you. And the carbonation level is spot on making this a nice option for refreshment at the beach or by the pool. Open a can on a dark and dreary winter day and the flavors will give you hope for the warmer days that lie ahead.

Mild Mannered But Artificial Taste

Aha normally pairs two similar flavors that complement each other with an unusual twist. And this Lime + Watermelon combination is no different. And like other Aha Sparkling Water flavors this one is slightly artificial tasting. That means that Aha has eliminated the element of surprise and makes each can with the same uniform taste as the previous one. While some drinkers may welcome that experience, most will want to be more interested when they try this drink for the first time. Its tropical fragrance is present throughout from the time you start drinking it. Slightly out of balance, but mildly refreshing and makes you want to put on your vacation shorts and a straw hat. And with zero calories it is a vacation that you can take time and again. It has a good carbonation level with tiny, gentle bubbles that are pleasant and flirty. An average seltzer that sometimes teases the palate and confuses it at the same time, you could choose worse. But you could also choose better.


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