Bubly Sparkling Water Review: Lime


Rating: 90 Points

Bubly Lime Sparkling Water Wears The Crown In The Kingdom Of Lime Seltzers

Bubly Lime Sparkling Water— “As You Like It”  was a play written by Shakespeare in 1599. And that title is perfectly suited to Bubly Lime Sparkling Water. It’s perhaps the most superior of all the lime seltzers that are available. Like the title and characters in the play, it pleases everyone and is light and popular. It’s sweet, bubbly and very pleasant to the palate. If it was compared to people, this sparkling water would be the straight A student. The debate team captain who was great at sports and volunteered to help the needy. It has a great lime flavor that isn’t so strong that it would offend someone who didn’t like lime. But at the same time is citrusy enough to satisfy a fan who bought it for their favorite flavor. It is the golden child of lime sparkling waters with everything about it almost exactly right.

Sweet Effervescence

This well-rounded performer is sweet but balanced with bubbles. Though not too bubbly. Its sweet taste makes it a great thirst quencher and a sure hit at the pool party. And its sweetness is derived from natural ingredients. There are no artificial or additional sweeteners of any kind in this drink. It offers good clean fun without any guilt. It has a clean finish with no aftertaste unlike some of its competitors, whose lime sparkling waters have almost a medicinal taste. Bubly Lime Sparkling Water is simply pure lime bliss. It’s a friendly drink, too, that wins everyone over without trying too hard. It disarms you naturally and before you even realize it, has become your new favorite non-alcoholic seltzer.

Bubly Lime Sparkling Water Fits Your Lifestyle

It’s a great mixer for alcohol and can be used to elevate any cocktail or satisfy those on a diet who are craving a cocktail. It doesn’t have the lofty calories of juice or the questionable sodium or caffeine contained in many sodas or other drinks. It sets an exemplary example and offers a clean bill of health to its already long list of accomplishments. This lime seltzer is also a great addition to the picnic basket or the backpack for your hike. It refreshes, rejuvenates and breathes new life into you on a hot summer’s day. And it can spice up the night when you want to cut loose.

Sweet And Sour

As you sip this drink and start appreciating its even keeled bubbles, you realize there seems to be a duality in the lime-ness of the drink. There’s an equal measure of sweet and sour in every sip. But as you take each taste, the sweetness wins out making it the sweetest lime drink in town. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not like it’s so overly sweet that it has no other personality. While it’s pleasantly sweet, Bubly Lime Sparkling Water also packs a tangy punch. It holds its own compared to any rival lime seltzer water. Or any other flavored seltzer for that matter, too! It’s popular, gratifying and to be quite honest, pretty darn delightful.

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