Truly Hard Seltzer Review: Mango


Rating: 90 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Compared To Truly, Other Mango Hard Seltzers Are Just “Meh”

Truly Mango Hard Seltzer

— You’re all set for the big game night with your friends! The big dish of munchies, sandwiches, dips and chips, and a cheese platter for the slightly eccentric guests. Even some extras in the freezer for emergencies. You’ve got it all laid out. But what are all these yummy bites without something to wash them down comfortably and deliciously? Enter Truly Mango Hard Seltzer. No, this isn’t just mango pulp squeezed into a seltzer for a polite evening drink. Quite the contrary. Imagine a piñata of tropical goodness that’s ready to burst open. Grab your stick and take a swing. All of the tropical treats waiting inside are just for you.

Magnificent Mango Flavor

The robust flavor in this spiked seltzer makes a dramatic entrance. It hits hard with its sweet, crisp and slightly tangy personality. The fruity richness tantalizes your palate creating a tropical paradise for the taste buds. And the 5% ABV delivers the rich, fruity flavor playfully and discreetly. The authenticity with which this hard seltzer represents the mango flavor is impeccable. And all with just one gram of sugar, two grams of carbohydrates, one hundred calories and absolutely zero gluten. It’s no wonder that this drink is light and peppy! And the cane sugar used to sweeten Truly Hard Seltzers never disappoints in the flavor enhancing department. While you could always add a harder liquor of your choice to increase the potency and create a spiked tropical cocktail, this hard sparkling water stands quite well on its own, too.

Truly Mango Hard Seltzer is Bubbly Goodness

This spiked seltzer is unique with a carbonation level that is just enough to give you an uplifting boost. Not too much but just enough to make you feel light and airy. And thanks to being well carbonated, this mango seltzer makes for a welcomed friend if you plan to munch away through your evening. Those seltzer bubbles can be the best stomach settlers in times of dire need. And with the moderate alcoholic content, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy more than one without too much worry. Its exuberant carbonation and tropical sweetness encourages you to enjoy this seltzer slowly. And the slower you enjoy each sip, the more tropical flavor you can extract from every taste that passes your lips.

Truly a Top Choice

Truly Mango Hard Seltzer was a sweet treat and a pleasure to review. At home, at the beach or on a tropical vacation, its rich mango flavor will take you to whatever exotic destination you desire. Delicious when enjoyed ice-cold on a hot summer’s day, this seltzer will also bring you back to warmer days when enjoyed in the fall and winter, too. Mostly sweet but with a touch of a sour finish providing a nice balance, we delighted in serving and enjoying this seltzer all night long at a recent game night we hosted. In fact, this became a favorite with our guests and ran out quickly while the beer cooler remained almost fully stocked. This added up to a highly-rated Truly seltzer review. Leggo my mango!


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