Corona Hard Seltzer Review: Tropical Lime


Rating: 78 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 4.5%

Corona Tropical Lime Hard Seltzer Is Okay But Could Use A Flavor Boost

Corona Tropical Lime Hard Seltzer— Corona Tropical Lime Hard Seltzer is best described as subtle. Everything about it is unexpected and mild. Lime-flavored hard seltzers tend to be highly fragrant, sometimes reminding you of a bottle of dishwashing liquid. They are either too pungent or too sweet with an artificial edge you might find irritating. But this drink is different. It’s very authentically flavored with lime but is more discreet about its association with the fruit. It’s not loud or obvious, but instead invites you to come and discover its tropical lime secrets.

Light On The Lime

Its light flavor makes it a great best base for cocktails and a good drink mixer for parties. The low carb content might embolden you. Try a splash of vodka, rum or Tequila to add a whole new and exciting façade to its already strong structure. Its moderate flavor makes for some pretty interesting concoctions when paired creatively. Just the squeeze of an orange and a sprig of mint makes it highbrow and fancy. The addition of fruit juices like guava and pineapple make for tropical treats and add it to some gin and elderflower liquor and people will be asking for your mixologist’s name. But Corona Tropical Lime Hard Seltzer is also decent when enjoyed on its own. It may not be the flashiest flavor in town but it’s light and somewhat refreshing. Similar to the way some non alcoholic sparkling waters would be refreshing. In a world of too sweet or too sour lime hard seltzer flavors, this one is down the middle if not mediocre. Goldilocks would certainly approve (if she were 21, of course).

Corona Lime Hard Seltzer Benefits From Brand Recognition

Corona may be one of the new kids on the hard seltzer block, but it’s a player to watch out for. Its beer is very popular and with a seltzer product that’s somewhat refreshing and not over the top, it’s will still garner attention. Unlike the famous Corona brand beer, however, Corona Hard Seltzers have no gluten and doesn’t have the malt-like fermented taste of beer, either. It starts out smooth and has an even smoother finish. The carbonation level is pleasant and inviting while the seltzer itself is frothy enough without being annoying. Corona currently has a limited flavor selection in its hard seltzer lineup, so it looks like they have concentrated on quality over quantity, giving each flavor — especially Tropical Lime — the respect it deserves.

A Little Bit Of Love

Reviewing Corona Tropical Lime Hard Seltzer was a cordial experience. While the mild lime flavor left a bit to be desired for those of us who prefer a bolder citrus taste, its subtlety might also be appealing to those who don’t. Corona’s Tropical Lime is like the smart kid sitting at the back of the classroom. Shy, mild mannered, and not too risky. Not drawing attention to themselves while quietly and consistently performing. Not trying to confront or prove themselves to their more aggressive peers because they don’t need to. Perhaps when they said the meek shall inherit the earth they were talking about Corona Tropical Lime Hard Seltzer. Not the best and not the worst, but with such powerful brand recognition we’d expect Corona to really step up their hard seltzer game going forward. Don’t forget, there are other Corona seltzer reviews to consider as well, and some may uncover some better options for you.


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