White Claw Hard Seltzer 70 Review: Pineapple


Rating: 94 Points

Calories: 70

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 3.7%

White Claw’s Low Calorie Pineapple Hard Seltzer Gets High Marks All Around

White Claw Pineapple Hard Seltzer 70— There are some flavors that evoke certain images in your mind. Pumpkin Spice makes one think of the golden and fiery red foliage of Fall, the crisp autumn air, and warm pies. Cranberries remind you of a table full of family at Thanksgiving. Everyone laughing as they spoon the syrupy sauce of the bejeweled fruit onto their plates. Orange reminds you of breakfast. Lime is synonymous with a fiesta on your plate. And berries make you think of warm summer skies. Similarly, one sip of a White Claw 70 Pineapple Hard Seltzer and you are transported to a tropical paradise. A paradise complete with warm sandy beaches, flower garlands, and the constant murmuring of the ocean. If you close your eyes and concentrate hard enough you can hear a ukulele being played in the distance. A waiter hands you a sweet cold pineapple cocktail with a colorful umbrella in it. This is pure pineapple bliss.

Low Calorie With Big Flavor

The taste is immaculate, crisp, and clean. It is refreshing and delicious. It leaves you with this desire for having more despite it quenching your thirst immediately. While its taste is very evocative of pineapple juice, it’s still a noticeably light drink. The beverage has no minerally or beer-like fermented aftertaste, but the mischievous bubbles leave your tongue with a tingly sensation. The carbonation makes its presence known but the flavor in all its delicate glory still steals the thunder. The 3.7% ABV is lower than most other hard seltzers, delivering a zero carb, low calorie delight that invites you to indulge in more than one.

Looks Good & Tastes Good

If you look at the White Claw Hard Seltzer cans, you’ll notice that the tab colors match the flavors. It’s genius because it is so easy to pick up the can of your choice by just glancing at it from the top and it helps you keep track of which flavors you like…and which ones you still need to try. And while the packaging is quite attractive, it’s what’s inside that makes it magical. Sweet, fizzy pineapple goodness with a mild kick of alcohol makes it feel like a well-crafted cocktail custom made just for you. There is a certain indulgence and richness to this drink, making it a sure hit with all.

White Claw Pineapple Hard Seltzer 70 Will Be Your New Favorite

The calories are low as is the alcohol, and that’s a good thing if you want to have more than one. And with pineapple flavor like this, who wouldn’t want more than one? After many White Claw reviews, we can say this is one of the best. White Claw has paid great attention to detail with the taste, aroma, nutrition, alcohol content, and even the eye-catching packaging design for their 70 calorie hard seltzers. It’s a complete winner if you want to have some fun in the sun or just want to remember the distant and warm summer days during fall and winter. Its tropical fruit taste enthralls you and will make this White Claw flavor one of your new favorites.

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