Bubly Sparkling Water Review: Strawberry


Rating: 73 Points

You’ll Probably Need To Be Strawberry’s #1 Fan To Really Enjoy This Bubly

Bubly Strawberry Sparkling Water— People don’t seem to value the flavor of strawberry anymore. It has been such a reliable and constant in life but is greatly under represented in the beverage industry. And Bubly Strawberry Sparkling Water gave a valiant effort to present the beloved berry flavor in a seltzer. They really did. But its flavor simply doesn’t capture enough of the fruit’s essence. It’s not sweet at all and definitely doesn’t have the candy-like sweet taste we associate with the flavor. When you first pop the can open you almost feel like you have opened a plain club soda.

Lacking In Flavor

The fragrance is faint but when you take your first sip you can at least taste some strawberry goodness. While it tastes exactly like strawberries it is still very mild and doesn’t dominate your taste buds. It lacks that chemical and artificial taste you associate with strawberry flavored food and beverage items. It tastes real and that is because it picks up more of the sour notes as compared to the sweet ones. The lighter flavor also ensures that there is zero aftertaste, which is a good thing. Some sparkling waters have a metallic finish to it but this one is relatively smooth. The finish is very dry and reminds you of a dry champagne with a strawberry dropped in for taste. Such is the stylish and urbane feel of this drink.

Bubly Strawberry Sparkling Water Is Perfectly Carbonated

Like the other Bubly sparkling waters it has nice carbonation levels. Not too much and not too little. The bubbles are ideal and perky without being intrusive. It adds the perfect level of excitement to contrast the gentle nature of the flavor. You are left with this feeling of having consumed a zesty effervescent yet subtle flavored strawberry seltzer. This drink is not necessarily for children. Rather for grown ups who loved the flavor growing up and wanted their beverage flavor to be mature, too. And since this strawberry water is so light, it also makes a great base to create other drinks. Adding some orange juice makes a great welcome drink at brunch. A splash of cranberry juice and you can create a ruby red mocktail. Or live dangerously and add some rum to make a lower calorie tropical cocktail. It would be fine in a skinny Margarita and is a good substitute for tonic with gin.

Not What We Expected

This drink from the Bubly bullpen is a curveball to say the least, and Strawberry became one of the lowest scored in our Bubly Sparkling Water Reviews category. Bubly’s sparkling water flavors are known for their bold taste and even brighter fragrances. But their strawberry sparkling water doesn’t conform to their norm, that’s for sure. It might be more appropriately named “Subdued Strawberry.” It’s mild but still has a firm, albeit meager, berry-like resolution. It would likely satisfy the truest of strawberry fans, though its flavor may not be what most would expect. Although, its subtle berry flavor might also surprise the critics who don’t necessarily like the fruit. But with so few strawberry seltzers available, you may still want to give this one a try and taste it for yourself if you’re a true fan of the flavor.


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