LaCroix Sparkling Water Review: Pasteque (Watermelon)


Rating: 88 Points

LaCroix Pasteque Sparkling Water Serves Up A Slice Of Summer

LaCroix Pasteque Sparkling Water— LaCroix Pasteque (Watermelon) Sparkling Water is the kind of fancy water you might enjoy in the lobby of a 5-star resort. A refreshing drink you might be given in a spa when you have mud mask on your face and some cucumbers on your eyes. You’ll be transported to the dazzling beaches of San Tropez. Sipping on a watermelon-infused water as the glamorous and beautiful mill around. Pasteque isn’t the same common watermelon that you have at a barbecue or picnic. It’s the seltzer that went abroad and acquired an exotic accent. It studied art history in Tuscany and attended polo matches in London. It dresses up for dinner and knows what fork to pair with the fish course.

Fresh Flavor

Its freshness is impeccable and flavor unbeatable. It is sophisticated on the palate and therefore not an instant hit with children. But teenagers who may yearn for something a little more sweet but not sour may like the flavor. The flavor is undeniably watermelon. In fact, you could say that it tastes exactly like watermelon and water, but given its tangy taste, a younger audience may miss the honey-like sweetness we have come to love and associate with the ruby red fruit. Like other LaCroix sparkling waters, this one is also sugar free, sodium free and gluten free. It has no artificial flavors and zero calories. LaCroix Pasteque Sparkling Water is also Kosher and naturally “essenced” with real fruit.

LaCroix Pasteque Sparkling Water Finishes Strong

One sip of this seltzer water and you are completely engulfed in a sea of bubbly watermelon goodness. The finish is as spectacular as the start with no bitter aftertaste at all despite its sturdy constitution. Dare we say that it might be the smoothest finish of the many sparkling waters we’ve reviewed. Its mild scent doesn’t envelope you, but the water itself impresses with a mighty watermelon taste. And since it isn’t too sweet, it would work wonderfully mixed with some sweet wine to create a spritzy summer wine cooler. It would also make a wonderful non-alcoholic Bellini or would serve well as a fantastic skinny Margherita, too.

Watermelon For The Win

Overall, this sparkling water is a clear winner by any standard, and it competes well with most LaCroix seltzers that we’ve reviewed. It doesn’t have the artificial candy taste you remember from your childhood, instead it is more likely to remind you of that great gourmet salad you had of freshly cut watermelon and feta dressed with a honey vinaigrette. This sparkling water doesn’t really need an occasion. It is wonderful by the beach, great by the pool and even fantastic to serve at a cocktail party. It is versatile and flexible. Its taste is so synonymous with summer that having it on a cold and grey November day would paint the sky watermelon pink. A mature seltzer that would be refreshing on a hot summer day, but also perfectly at home at a corporate function. LaCroix is pronounced “La-Croy” which rhymes with enjoy, and you will certainly enjoy their Pasteque Watermelon sparkling water.


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