Polar Seltzer Water Review: Ruby Red Grapefruit


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Polar Ruby Red Grapefruit Seltzer Will Satisfy Some But Is Not For Everyone

Polar Ruby Red Grapefruit Seltzer Water

— There’s nothing like adding a little extra fizz to your day with a bubbly drink. Mix in the zing of grapefruit and you could have a nice little pick‐me up. But compared to its competitors, this grapefruit seltzer water from Polar is milder and less aggressive. It also lacks the characteristic bitterness that grapefruit normally thrusts upon you. It flirtatiously offers its fruity flavor without being too strong. It has a citrusy smell that is inviting when you open the can and take a sip. Be cautioned though. While it is gentle with its grapefruit flavor, it doesn’t hold back with its gregarious bubbles, so sip slowly. As you drink more you’ll notice that the already delicate grapefruit essence diminishes and the feisty bubbles with their strong carbonation start to take over. Your last few sips will be zesty and citrusy as the robust carbonation finishes with a bang.

Mix It Up

While Polar Ruby Red Grapefruit Seltzer Water can lend itself to many cocktails, it’s best to make a skinny or lighter version of the famous Paloma. This seltzer has zero calories and no sugar which makes a big difference compared to using juice. Its flavor isn’t as strong as grapefruit fans may have become accustomed to, but it will suffice. It’s flavorful enough to transform a retro cocktail into a sportier drink for the more active lifestyle. It’s also gluten‐free, sodium free and vegan. It’s a crisp sparkling water and can serve as a more sophisticated option while at the pool or beach. It’s adequate enough to beat the heat in the summer with its active bubbles and a subtle, somewhat refreshing flavor.

Polar Ruby Red Grapefruit Seltzer Is Bold

This grapefruit seltzer water, unlike many others, has a fragrant citrus burst but it comes with a caveat: sip slowly. The high levels of carbonation force you to take your time and enjoy its bubbly texture. The bold zest that accompanies its milder flavor may overpower those used to more citrus flavor with less confrontational bubbles and a smoother finish. The delicate flavor may charm a non grapefruit lover while the robust bubbles set the pace. However, for the grapefruit seltzer connoisseur, the meager flavor and hard punch of carbonation may prove to be off-putting. Consume with caution.

Acquired Taste

The grapefruit has experienced a makeover with this Polar seltzer review. It’s no longer the bitter cousin of the orange, which some have come to expect and appreciate. It’s now a delicately flavored, grown up and sophisticated drink that can also have fun once in a while. But not everyone will be up to the challenge for this acquired taste. The truth maybe bitter, but this sparkling water would probably be best for those who want to dabble in the grapefruit kingdom but are aren’t willing to jump right in. It’s a softer landing pad and a gentler flavor profile that rewards newcomers. And while it may earn some new fans, it will likely lose the support of some grapefruit lovers along the way.


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