LaCroix Sparkling Water Review: LimonCello


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LaCroix LimonCello Sparkling Water Is A Grand Slam Home Run

LaCroix LimonCello Sparkling Water— Limoncello, originally, is a local Italian liqueur that is a heady mix of lemon, sugar and alcohol. This local drink is potent and is known to get you more than a little tipsy. However, with this seltzer, you have all the taste of the original drink without the alcohol. But it’s equally as delicious. This creamy and scrumptious sparkling water instantly transports you to Southern Italy. The clattering at the local markets, fresh fruit vendors hawking their wares and church bells ringing. The children are laughing as they play together in the streets. These are the sights and sounds one conjures up when tasting a LaCroix LimenCello Sparkling Water.

That’s Amore

Suddenly you feel like you are in Naples or the village of Amalfi in a small café, drinking Limoncello after having eaten a big bowl of spaghetti. You can smell the perfume of lemons wafting around you. The scents jostle for your attention as you open the brightly colored can.  Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore” echoes in the background as you take a sip of your seltzer. The bubbles are bursting with a smooth and robust citrusy aroma and the taste is honey-like nectar. A light breeze sways and things around you melt away into a collective warm and fuzzy feeling. This is the feeling of love that you get from LaCroix LimonCello Sparkling Water.

LaCroix LimonCello Sparkling Water Whispers Sweet Nothings

This sparkling water won’t make you pucker from the lemon’s usual tartness. That’s because this beauty is more sweet than tangy. It’s so sweet you’ll swear that there’s sugar in it. The lemon and vanilla notes work perfectly together and are light and refreshing. It is perfect for a summer cookout or a fancy brunch. If you are trying to convince a reluctant friend to start drinking flavored seltzer water for the health benefits, this is an excellent place to start. It’s super flavorful, crisp and refreshing without any strange aftertaste. The fragrance is that of sweet lemons and that is the best description of this drink. LaCroix does not put any sugar or sweetener in this sparkling water and you wonder how it still tastes so delectable.

Italy Is Calling

LaCroix is already known for its chic and fancy flavors and their LimonCello is no different. Its citrus-vanilla flavor palate and surprisingly sweet freshness actually place it a notch above. Although this flavor is reminiscent of the Italian sweet liqueur, it contains no alcohol whatsoever. Guilt-free refreshment awaits you. Why buy a plane ticket to Southern Italy when just one sip of this can whisk you away? There’s a reason this flavor is selling out so often. It really is that good. You can have it chilled or try mixing it with your favorite vodka. It makes some wonderful mocktails, too, by adding your favorite fruit juice. Limoncello liqueur is quite sugary in its original form, but this sparkling water is a zero-calorie beverage making it perfect as a no-calorie base for other cocktails or as a drink mixer.


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