Bubly Sparkling Water Review: Watermelon


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Bubly Watermelon Sparkling Water Lets You Skip The Seeds And Dive Right In

Bubly Watermelon Sparkling Water— Every summer families and friends come together to celebrate the sunshine after a cold winter. Red and white checkered picnic tables are adorned with burgers and hot dogs. There is the hiss and crackle of corn grilling on the barbecue and you can hear the clinking of icy cold lemonade glasses. And just then someone puts down a tray of chilled watermelon on the table. The pretty pink slabs of fruit with its emerald shell dotted with seeds is bursting with luscious sweetness. Everyone rushes to pick up a slice. One bite and you are hooked. Few things spell summer as elegantly as watermelon does. Simple and natural, the fruit is synonymous with refreshing and juicy perfection. And in this Bubly sparkling water review, we’ll see their Watermelon flavor has perfectly and authentically captured that essence of summer.

Flavor That Goes On And On

It has an intoxicating aroma and as soon as you open the can you are consumed by the tantalizing fragrance of watermelon. It might be the most fragrant of all the sparkling waters you’ve ever tried. There is a great balance between sweet and sour notes with this sparkling water. The most noteworthy point about this seltzer is that its flavor really lingers on your tongue…in a good way. In fact, Celine Dion must have been singing about Bubly Watermelon Sparkling Water when she sang “my heart will go on and on.” The flavor does not quit. The first sip of this drink, the last sip and the finish all taste the same. Which means the flavor is consistent with a profile that is reliably watermelon.

Bubly Watermelon Sparkling Water Flaunts Its Flawless Flavor

Watermelon lovers will go gaga for this Bubly Sparkling Water. Its flavor, like its other Bubly cousins, is extraordinarily strong. It’s also very natural and authentic tasting. There is nothing more refreshing than drinking this beverage with some cubes of ice and feeling like your thirst is finally quenched. This drink hydrates you and rejuvenates you after the sun has worn you down. Its bubbles are gregarious and it is a high energy beverage that pulsates with excitement. A drink tailormade for summer, this sparkling water has an exhilarating scent and a flavor that’s endless. It has a great balance between the tartness and sweetness of the watermelon and fans of the fruit will rejoice.

The Wherever Watermelon

Watermelon may be served at picnics, barbecues and brunches, but don’t let that stop you from serving these at your next late-night dinner party or fancy soiree. It makes any event seem bougie and sophisticated.  As if you had expensive mixers imported from a tropical isle. Zero calories makes it great to add to any of your favorite alcohols for an instant light cocktail. Or simply complement your next meal with its elegant flavors and excellent carbonation. It also gives you the impression that you are having a fancy flavored water from an expensive spa or in the lobby of some 5-star resort. And who doesn’t want that?


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  1. Bo Swenson 3 August, 2022 at 22:14 Reply

    “… a flavor that’s endless”. That statement is the one that I strongly agree with. I purchased an eight pack of the bubly Watermelon flavored sparkling water. I popped the tab on the first can and took three sips. It is one of the nastiest beverages that I have ever consumed in my life. The remaining seven cans will be disposed of in the garbage. I will never again purchase any bubly sparkling waters.

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