Aha Sparkling Water Review: Orange + Grapefruit


Rating: 75 Points

Aha Orange + Grapefruit Sparkling Water Sounds Good But Could Be Better

Aha Orange + Grapefruit Sparkling Water— Upon opening a can of Aha Orange + Grapefruit Sparkling Water you are intrigued. It’s like Aha tried to capture the scent of a just-opened carton of orange juice and a freshly squeezed glass of grapefruit juice. It’s an overpowering fragrance. It should have been an explosion of citrus flavors with the floral, fruity notes of grapefruit and orange. They could have whistled and sang to create beautiful music together. They’re a combination that isn’t usually associated together but could have worked on some levels. They are an interesting couple, the orange and grapefruit. Bringing out the best in each other was surely the goal. But a relatively mediocre seltzer was the end result.

Unusual Flavors

Aha Sparkling Waters have a track record of creating flavors from unusual pairings. Pomegranate + Blueberry, Strawberry + Cucumber and Black Cherry + Coffee, just to name a few. And one would think that orange and grapefruit being combined would not be rocket science given that they are both citrus fruits. But they rarely are seen together. As you prepare to take your first sip of this Aha Sparkling Water, you have certain expectations. You want to experience the sweetness of orange complementing the bitter and sometimes sour flavor of grapefruit. But it never really comes together and you are mostly left with a strong aftertaste.

Aha Orange + Grapefruit Sparkling Water Could Be A Citrusy Supporting Cast

Like the other Aha flavors it has zero calories, zero sodium and zero sugars. Still quite a feat for a drink that is so polarizing in all its sweet and fragrant confusion. It’s also caffeine free so its bubbles can perk you up without interfering with your sleep habits. Along with its very notable smell, it also has a very particular after taste. An after taste that you might like if you prefer a strong finish. But others may not appreciate it all. But the citrus combination could make this one of the most versatile seltzers in town for mixing. It can make any drab juice sparkle and pop with fizzy bubbles and silky, subtle flavor. It would pair well with any alcohol and make interesting cocktails. Try giving your Paloma an orange-like edge with the addition of this seltzer or make any mimosa more interesting with a grapefruit twist.

Orange + Grapefruit = Meh

It’s not the tastiest sparkling water we’ve reviewed, but it’s still somewhat refreshing with its unassuming — albeit perplexing — flavor. It’s almost like Aha couldn’t get a standalone grapefruit or orange flavor to work on its own and settled for this combination. But then again, single flavors aren’t their thing. And even though it’s a bit odd, it plays well with others so you might find it perfectly suitable. It won’t offend you, but it won’t knock your socks off, either. It’s fine for a hot summer’s day and allows you to change things up at night by adding a splash of your favorite liquor. An average sparkling water overall, but has more potential if you get creative.


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