Polar Seltzer Water Review: Orange Vanilla


Rating: 92 Points

Polar Orange Vanilla Seltzer Is The Perfect Pairing

Polar Orange Vanilla Seltzer Water— One whiff of a Polar Orange Vanilla Seltzer Water and all doubts disappear. The drink has the essence of both orange and vanilla. And it’s been assembled in the the most surprisingly delectable of ways. It is certainly an unusual pairing. The summer kissed orange meets the winter laden Vanilla. These flavors from the past make it a modern day risk, but it is a risk that pays off in spades. The citrus and spice combination is intense making this one of the most distinctive seltzers on the market. The almost creamy texture is completely offset by the turbulent carbonation that is now characteristic throughout Polar’s line of carbonated waters. The luxurious and decadent flavors are balanced beautifully by the enthusiastic bubbles.

Creamsicle Dreams

If you shut your eyes a wave of nostalgia engulfs you. It takes just seconds to realize that this Polar seltzer water tastes familiar. That’s it! It’s exactly like the Orange Creamsicle that you enjoyed as a child. The warm rays of the sun along with the joy and innocence of your childhood come through in every sip. And on a hot day, a Polar Orange Vanilla Seltzer brings down the heat just like that frozen delight. As you take your first tastes, you immediately realize it tastes like an ice cream treat. While it is equal parts vanilla and orange, the bold vanilla tones give the drink a creamy taste. Enjoyable in any season, the vanilla tones make it especially perfect for winter enjoyment as well. It may not be the first drink you think to reach for on a hot summer day, but it just might be one the tastiest. Add a splash of vodka or rum and you have yourself a creamy-tasting cocktail.

Polar Orange Vanilla Seltzer Is Sweet But Has No Sugar

It has a sweet taste and you’d almost swear there’s sugar or sweetener lurking in the ingredients. But this sparkling water is not only sugar and sodium free, but also has no calories. That seems very incredible considering that the drink tastes so creamy and rich and very decadent. It’s also vegan and Kosher and has only natural flavoring. This is a star all the way around, especially if you have a fondness for orange and vanilla mixed together. And since it’s so sweet, it’s also a great beverage to lure children and teenagers away sugary and artificially flavored sodas. It’s equally attractive as an alternative to sugary fruit juices.

Nailed It

Polar totally gets it right with their Orange Vanilla Seltzer. Not only have they transported you back to your childhood days, but delivered a flavor that is unmatched. The combination of orange and vanilla may not be a tried and tested one, but it works fantastically in this uniquely flavored sparkling water. It sets out to deliver exactly what it promises and is satisfying for all ages. Young or old, it’s never too late to indulge in something that actually requires no indulgence at all. After school, after dinner or après ski, this combination will leave everyone pleased.


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