Bon Viv Spiked Seltzer Review: Mango


Rating: 85 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 4.5%

Bon Viv Mango Delivers a Tropical Experience Near or Far

Bon Viv Mango Spiked Seltzer

— Nothing beats a Bon Viv Mango Spiked Seltzer in your hand on a hot summer’s day by the pool. Glowing ripples caught in a light breeze, the smell of a BBQ somewhere in the neighborhood, friends lounging on their deck beds and some chilling in the pool itself. You’ve had a delicious lunch, and have not a single worry in the world. You’re happy just cropping up in under the sun, just before you do a cannonball into the water yourself. It’s that sweet spot in the weekend where you forget you had a tough week. No anxiety about the week ahead. It’s a sweet spot worth celebrating. Tranquil, tasteful, lavish and luscious.

Flavor Plus Fizz

This hard sparkling water from Bon Viv is an excellent companion to the perfect weekend hang. And what’s not to like about it? It ranks high on the flavor factor given its light and fresh introduction to your taste buds. You can relish that delicious mango juiciness on your tongue slowly. Even after you’ve swallowed, that slight but welcome aftertaste is just a bonus treat. And that’s just the flavor. Let’s talk about that yummy scent. From the moment you pop open a can of Bon Viv Mango Spiked Seltzer, you’re surrounded by this tempting, almost flowery aroma. It smells that good! The carbonation is on point, as one would expect of a well-balanced hard seltzer, and proves a worthy companion the explosion of superb flavor.

Bon Viv Mango Spiked Seltzer Has Zero Carbs

Now that you know what to expect in this mango hard seltzer, let’s look at what you don’t have to worry about. For instance, the carbohydrate and sugar content is at a happy zero! That’s right. You don’t have to fret one bit about all the carbs and sugar you’ll be consuming with a can of this hard seltzer. And it’s gluten-free too! So if you’re watching your gluten intake or have a gluten allergy, this drink is definitely for you. With only 90 calories and a 4.5% ABV in each serving, you can rest assured that more than one drink is a comfortable possibility for the day. The carbonation is excellent and somewhere in those airy bubbles the smooth alcohol content slowly but surely creeps up on you. Now that certainly puts a smile on everyone’s face, doesn’t it?

This Mango is Mucho Bueno

Reviewing this mango flavored hard seltzer was tasty and tropical. A superb summer drink with a vision of tropical paradise emerging from the first sip itself, Bon Viv Mango Spiked Seltzer is a definite contender for the winners’ bar. It’s light, airy, delicious and almost flirtatious in the way it draws the drinker in from more. Ideal for drinking in the outdoors, not too intensely intoxicating or incapacitating. This seltzer is a friend you take out to enjoy the moment life has given you, so that you can capture every minute detail that has contributed to the happy high you are in. Mango merriment awaits!


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