Truly Hard Seltzer Review: Wild Berry

Truly Wild Berry Hard Seltzer

Rating: 93 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Perfect Wild Berry Flavor Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Truly Wild Berry Hard Seltzer—  Truly Wild Berry Hard Seltzer paints a beautiful scene from one of those Jane Austen novels. You know, the one that portrays the beautiful countryside with vast expanses of green for miles on end. Cobbled roadways, birds chirping and fireflies reveling in the night. A demure and hesitant maiden engages in a reserved conversation with the dashing but distant gentleman of the Estate. And a field of wild berries sparkling in all of their colorful splendor under the morning sun. The backdrop for many classic novels, these wild berries create a mood for love. And just like a classic novelist, this Truly Hard Seltzer is the drink that pens a thousand romances.

Sweet But Not Sour

It’s a challenge to put in to words just how delicious this hard seltzer really is. But you’d better believe it is delicious! It’s the perfect blend of berries, like the ideal combination of words that form a springtime sonnet. Each sip carries a beautiful mix of sweetness and tart, but thankfully leaves nothing sour on the tongue afterwards. Your palate is delighted with the blanket of flavor that coats it as you drink this spiked seltzer. Serve it chilled, on the rocks or with crushed ice. It will transport you to those wild berry slushy drinks of your childhood. You know, the ones that left your tongue deep red and your heart filled with satisfaction. And now that you’re an adult, you could mix it up with something harder and give that childhood favorite a grownup kick!

Truly Wild Berry Hard Seltzer Hits All The Right Notes

It’s an absolute pleasure when all of the pieces in the orchestra hit the right notes and perform in perfect harmony together. That’s the feeling you get when you enjoy a can of this magnificent spiked sparkling water. And the elements are definitely those to write home about! Touting an ABV at a comfortable five percent, this can of bubbly goodness is worth each of the one hundred calories per serving. With total carbohydrates of just two grams and sugar content at a sparse one gram, it’s light, breezy and easy to drink more than one can. And it is excellently carbonated to boot. Popping some bubbly is no longer a phrase for champagne because this hard seltzer leaves you with bubbles for days.

To The Victor Go The Spoils

Having a Truly Wild Berry Hard Seltzer evokes many positive feelings. It reminds you of the butterflies you felt when you were close to victory and then actually reached your loftiest goal. It’s those moments where you finally tasted what success felt like. That moment of feeling validated and gratified for being you, doing you and sticking to your guns. Living your best life and always winning along the way. This is the satisfaction that you get from drinking this wild berry seltzer. And make no mistake: just like victory, it only gets better and better with every taste.


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