White Claw Hard Seltzer Review: Raspberry

White Claw Raspberry Hard Seltzer

Rating: 89 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

White Claw Raspberry Hard Seltzer is a Solid All Around Performer

White Claw Raspberry Hard Seltzer

— This little berry went to the market. This little berry stayed home. But this little berry — the middle child of the berry family — managed to keep everybody’s tastes in mind and came out stellar. Like the bejeweled ruby it is! You’ve got it right, it’s the raspberry. The sweet little red drop from heaven. And it shines through in White Claw Raspberry Hard Seltzer. It checks all the boxes in terms of balance, taste, flavor and strength. A smooth, luscious and wholesome drink for every palate, every mood and every occasion.

A Balanced Raspberry Taste

It’s well known that the raspberry is the sweeter counterpart to its fruity siblings. But the hidden tartness also keeps the flavor in check. Souring things just the right amount before things get a little too sweet for comfort. Low in calories but high in fiber and vitamins, the raspberry is a tasty addition to every meal. And a solid, balanced and well-rounded flavor is certainly what the spiked seltzer universe can expect from this drink. It’s a perfect choice for those afternoon picnics by the lake or at home with a light and savory lunch. This is just the drink to pick up everybody’s spirits on a hot summer day at the beach or while reminiscing of warmer days gone by curled up by the fire.

White Claw Raspberry Hard Seltzer is Kind to The Waistline

When it comes to ingredients, it’s a pleasurable experience when you don’t have to think too hard about what to drink. And that’s what’s amazing about this spiked sparkling water. You can rest assured it’s light on the calories (just a hundred), comfortable with the alcohol content (ABV at a subtle five percent), and optimal with the sugar and carbs (two grams of each per serving). And worry not, there’s absolutely zero gluten making this seltzer a great alternative to beer. So those watching their gluten intake, or hoping not to consume it at all, have nothing to worry about. Quite literally!

A Berry for Every Palate

Raspberry Hard Seltzer scores very well in in our overall White Claw Reviews. Be it overall flavor, carbonation, choice of ingredients, mood or setting. The carbonation is exactly on point, giving you superb bubbles and airiness. Combined with the smooth raspberry flavor, it’s just what you need for an enjoyable pick-me-up. The quintessential all-rounder of spiked sparkling waters, this White Claw Seltzer isn’t just a contender for best in show, but also the one you take home and enjoy at leisure. Sip by sip. With an outstanding presentation inside and out, this drink experience isn’t one that will leave your memory any time soon. Berry aficionados will certainly appreciate this flavor and the sweet nuances it presents. And even if you’re not normally a fan of raspberry, give it a chance and this one might actually grow on you. Like a song you have on repeat for hours on end. Raspberry. Rinse. Repeat.


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