Bubly Sparkling Water Review: Apple


Rating: 85 Points

Bubly Delivers Fresh Apple Flavor With Each And Every Sip

Bubly Apple Sparkling Water— An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But now you can both say cheers with a Bubly Apple Sparkling Water. Adam and Eve couldn’t resist the apple, and you won’t be able to resist this fizzy delight, either. It has a mild aroma that’s not bold but smells just like apple juice. A perfectly accurate scent. It has all the sweetness of the fruit without the extra calories and that would make your doctors unhappy.

Fresh Picked Flavor

One sip of this Bubly Sparkling Water is like taking a bite of a freshly plucked apple. You can feel the rustling of the leaves and the cool air kissing your cheeks as you walk down the orchard with your hand woven basket. The crispness of flavor is accentuated with this almost juicy taste that this drink delivers. And like an apple it’s not a very strong taste. But the flavor you get is undoubtedly a natural apple one.

Bubly Apple Sparkling Water Bubbles With Refreshment

This is one of the most rejuvenating seltzers you could try. It’s literally refreshing. The type of water that would quench your thirst on a hot day. And it’s figuratively refreshing because apple is such a unique flavor for a carbonated beverage. It’s a very mature flavor and is completely different from the apple juice your children may drink from cartoon-covered boxes. The finish is very dry like a dry champagne and it has a mild aftertaste that is pleasant. It pairs the comfort and nostalgia of apple juice with the gushing bubbles that is so pleasing to adults. Yet it’s also a good choice for children and teens, too, if they like the flavor and texture. Night and day better than sugary sodas or other artificially flavored drinks, that’s for sure.

Cocktail Companion In A Can

This sparkling water is amazing chilled or with some cubes of ice and a wedge of orange. It works particularly well with cinnamon flavored liquors like Fireball that make you feel like you are having a spiked apple pie cocktail. It also goes beautifully with vodka to create a lighter drink that’s both tasty and innovative. You’ll love it with cognac , giving you an intense and earthy potion. It works well in place of any juice in a Bellini for brunch with the girls or at happy hour with colleagues. Another interesting pairing is with sweet tea to create a mocktail that beats the heat in summer and gives you all the feels of holiday cheer in the winter. It’s spring sunshine and the mellow golden rays of autumn time.

Crisp And Clean

No bad apples spoiling the bunch during this review. Bubly Apple Sparkling Water takes the most reliable and classic flavor of apple juice and gives it a grown up and classy twist. Its flavor is gentle and it’s a subtle seltzer, but is surprisingly natural and cider-like. It can be enjoyed by itself or as a cocktail and it is as refreshing as its citrus counterparts. Satisfying and delicious, this apple sparkling water is not an obvious choice as a seltzer but after tasting it – it might just be your only one.


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