Aha Sparkling Water Review: Peach + Honey


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Aha’s Peach + Honey Offers Up A Uniquely Tasty Combination

Aha Peach + Honey Sparkling Water— Aha Peach + Honey Sparkling Water is a rare find indeed. It makes you wonder why someone else hasn’t thought of pairing the juicy peach with nectar like honey in the first place. One sip of this divine beverage and you immediately think that it should be a household combination.  Normally in dual flavored seltzers the two are fighting each other and presenting battling notes. But here the peach and honey sing in harmony. The flavors complement each other and a romance has blossomed between them. The song they create is lyrical and hypnotic.

Hints Of Ginger

The first thing this reminds you of is ginger ale. Though it doesn’t actually taste like ginger. But for some reason, it’s reminiscent of the unique, spicy-sweet notes of ginger ale. Honey is normally associated with ginger and so the mind probably plays tricks on you searching for the earthy root taste of ginger. But upon further tasting, is instead met with the luscious and syrupy like peach which makes it its own. Overall the combined flavors are nice and the seltzer’s gentle bubbles tease you as the sweet, sun-kissed taste soothes you.

Aha Peach + Honey Sparkling Water Is Mysterious

Its scent is hard to pin down. It isn’t peachy nor honey-like. But if you shut your eyes and tried to imagine what peach and honey together would smell like, this is the fragrance. The perfume is mild and doesn’t overwhelm you with heady notes. Instead it merely offers a gentle hint of suggestion and aroma. Your senses take over and fill in the pieces. This sparkling water is a very gentle and relaxing one. The flavors work together to create a unique singular flavor that’s both sweet and spicy at the same time. Where do the spicy notes come from? The peaches? The honey? It’s probably just the combination, but surprisingly it works because it still has a sweet finish. It’s not dry like some other seltzers and there is no mineral-like after taste, either.

A Solid Flavor Combination

Aha Peach + Honey Sparkling Water is unquestionably one of the best combinations from Coca-Cola’s flavored seltzer water brand. In addition to the flavor itself, the colors of the can remind one of the leaves changing in autumn. But that doesn’t stop it from being a highly sought after flavor in the summertime, too. It’s perfect by itself, with a dash of juice, or a splash of your favorite alcohol to create a chic drink. Light, sublime, and tantalizing, it invokes scents of a tropical garden and a taste that can’t be described as anything other than magical. Honey and peach will join together in a never before seen union, creating a sweet and spicy symphony that will keep you coming back for more. Mysterious and riveting, this seltzer sparkles and dazzles with its unique taste and colorful can. The two flavors come together and bring out the best in each other, ultimately melting together to forge one refreshing drink.


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  1. Suz 15 September, 2023 at 17:33 Reply

    Peach Honey Aha are my fav drink but now hard to find in local groceries so I’m switching brands. Why is this flavor so hard to find?

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