Truly Hard Seltzer Review: Lime


Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Truly Steals The Limelight with This Popular Hard Seltzer Citrus Favorite

Truly Lime Hard Seltzer— Truly Lime Hard Seltzer is the Mr. Nice Guy of hard seltzers. Someone who is super popular with his neighbors, volunteers at the community center, and even coaches Little League on the weekends. He mows his lawn, trims his hedges, and waves at you when you drive by. That friend you call when you need help moving apartments for the fourth time. He is popular at parties and everyone knows his name. How could you not help but like him? You simply can’t. Similarly, no one can resist a Truly Lime Hard Seltzer. It is the perfect citrus flavor, great at any type of party, and very few can say they dislike it.

Citrus Versatility

It has a winning lime-esque flavor with sparkling taste that reflects in the beautiful bejeweled bubbles. The flirtatious fizz teases you but in the correct amount and does not inundate you with effervescence. It has a balanced vivacity and a winning lime scent and taste that makes you feel like the citrus fruit was just plucked from the tree and squeezed into your glass. This drink is perfect at the beach, pool party, movie/game night, or even a romantic date. But don’t be fooled into thinking that this Truly Hard Seltzer is redundant in the winter. In fact, on a cold November night if you pop open of these cans, it’s like releasing a spring garden and summer sun in the air. The gloom is dispensed, the air is lively, and everything feels okay again.

Truly Lime Hard Seltzer is a Favorite

We love this drink but don’t just take our word. Your guests (like ours) will keep asking for these cans and it will become a staple at house parties. No one turns down this hard seltzer. Its fragrance refreshes you and tickles your nose and you get transported to a lime orchard in some exotic land. As you walk along the pathway, the citrus perfume envelopes you and refreshes you. The notes are crisp and clean, and the taste isn’t so strong that it would stop you from having another one. It has no mineral aftertaste and its end is as good as the start. The flavor is present throughout the beverage and we can’t tell if we like the aroma or the taste more, but luckily, we don’t actually have to make that impossible choice.

Delivers in All Areas

It was “truly” our pleasure to review this seltzer. It only has 100 calories, 2 grams of carbs, is gluten free, and made of only natural ingredients. It has 1 gram of sugar which is a welcome relief from sugary sodas and artificial juice mixers one might normally add to their adult beverages. But unlike most other adult beverages, you don’t need to add anything to this drink. Just open the can and sip. The moderate 5% ABV titillates and tantalizes but doesn’t numb your senses. It is light enough for you to reach out and grab one more. Responsibly, of course. This drink wears a straw hat and a sunny smile. The lime taste embraces you and its perfume makes you happy. It’s authentic and delicious and the calories are just right. Truly Lime Hard Seltzer is sure to brighten up your day.


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