Polar Seltzer Water Review: Cranberry Lime


Rating: 81 Points

Polar Cranberry Lime Seltzer Delivers A Respectable Flavor Combination

Polar Cranberry Lime Seltzer Water

— Refreshing, bubbly, and delightful are just some of the ways you could describe the Polar Cranberry Lime Seltzer Water. With no bitter after taste, this beverage has all the sweetness of cranberry with just some sour of the lime. This sparkling water will be a go-to selection at your barbecues in summer or during fall game nights. It’s a great mixer for your drinks, too. But whether or not you intend to pair it with alcohol is up to you. It’s fine chilled by itself or try to fashion a mocktail out of it. Either way, this drink is zesty and ready to party. Its flavor is soft and gentle and is accented by its strong aroma. And this berry‐citrus seltzer water is perfect for those people trying to quit soda. It’s a healthier option, too, with zero calories and no sugar, artificial sweeteners, sodium, or caffeine.

More Berry Than Lime

Its perfume is more cranberry and very little lime making it an uneven mix of both flavors. But over all you won’t be disappointed. This classic combination gets us gabbing and guffawing away at every event as it lends us its extremely strong bubbles that set the mood for high energy. It’s definitely a burst of drama into an ordinary day and it changes the tone of you evening with the volt of buzz and activity. The sweetness of the seltzer without its calories lets you relax and feel refreshed knowing you aren’t putting a ton of harmful sugar and sodium into you body.

Polar Cranberry Lime Seltzer Has A Lot Of Carbonation

This sparkling water has tiny active bubbles wake you up and catch your attention. The carbonation is strong and makes you pace yourself as you sip this drink. In fact it’s so strong that it almost over powers the senses and distracts you from the cranberry‐lime taste. The flavors are no match for the mighty bubbles, though its subtle taste is an elegant and pleasant one. It’s fresh and clean making it an ideal mixer for most mocktails taking the place of tonic water very easily. It’s a good starter seltzer for people who don’t usually have sodas or soft drinks. Because while it is a flavored seltzer water, it is also a moderately tempered and mild mannered beverage that doesn’t overwhelm you or repulse you. It’s a good first step for people who want to try a change away from ordinary bottled water.

A Versatile Flavor

Reviewing Polar Cranberry Lime Seltzer was actually more like rating the carbonation since the flavor was so subdued. This sparkling water would be a good choice for someone who’s not necessarily a fan of cranberry or lime. The flirty and fun bubbles make this drink charming and the mild flavor won’t turn off new flavored seltzer drinkers. Bartenders and home mixologists also like to incorporate this drink into their repertoire due to its light flavor profile. Try adding a dash of gin or vodka or even a feisty tequila to this seltzer at your next party and let the bubbles flow! Looking for a more flavorful Polar? Check out our other Polar Seltzer Water Reviews.


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