Waterloo Sparkling Water Review: Grape

Waterloo Grape Sparkling Water

Rating: 83 Points

Waterloo Grape Sparkling Water Offers a Tasty Trip Down Memory Lane

Waterloo Grape Sparkling Water— Were you one of millions of children that grew up loving the taste of grape soda? It seems like developing an affinity to the sweet syrupy goodness of grape soda is a rite of passage for some. Of course, there was nothing authentic about the taste of those classic grape soda brands of yesteryear. But that sweet unauthentic flavor was just as addictive as a natural flavor. Now, that luscious artificial grape that we loved as kids has been reinvented for the 2020s. From the moment you open the can and smell the tantalizing fragrance to the time it takes you to sample your first sip, the experience of drinking Waterloo Grape Sparkling Water will be a trip down memory lane. You will be swept away in memory to those summer days downing grape soda with your friends. Standing outside the convenience store as you take a satisfying break from cruising the neighborhood on your bikes.

Tastes Like Grape Soda

When you open a can of Waterloo Grape Sparkling Water, it is not a sophisticated bouquet of a fine wine that greets you. Instead of whiffs of aged grapes, the odor is sweet and succulent like grape candy. To be clear, the fragrance is not believable. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. The grape candy scent is clearly a conscious move by Waterloo. To be frank, this particular seltzer tastes like your favorite grape soda from childhood minus the food coloring and sugar. If you are a fan of grape flavored soda, you will be impressed with the taste Waterloo Sparkling Water has created. But if you’re looking for something authentic, this might not be the one for you.

Waterloo Grape Sparkling Water Goes All-In On Flavor

If you’re a fan of sophisticated beverages, then this seltzer water is probably not going to be your cup of tea. If you expect a flavor akin to wine or even grape juice, you’ll be sorely disappointed. But if your goal is something sweet and candy-like without the calories and sugars of a typical soda pop, Waterloo grape is indeed something you should try. In fact, this particular flavored seltzer is an ideal agent for weaning children off of sugary soda. The flavor is strong and sweet and reminiscent of the grape syrup pharmacists use to disguise children’s medications. Getting children off of high calorie sodas in favor of a sparkling water beverage with no sugars, calories, or carbs can make a huge difference in their body as they develop. Even the packaging will likely appeal to children.

Meets a Demand

Based on flavor and fragrance, Waterloo Grape Sparkling Water is not going to win any awards for authenticity. It smells like grape candy and it tastes like grape soda without the sugar. However, there is a faction of the seltzer water community that doesn’t want authenticity. There are those who want that grape syrup flavor trip down memory lane. Some may even be excited by being able to share that taste sensation with their children. Even the after taste is enjoyable. Overall, we liked this particular flavor for its uniqueness and, if nothing else, it makes for an interesting flavor addition to your sparkling water repertoire.


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