Bubly Sparkling Water Review: Raspberry

Bubly Raspberry Sparkling Water

Rating: 79 Points

Bubly Raspberry Sparkling Water Leaves Quite An Impression

Bubly Raspberry Sparkling Water— Every large dynasty is full of distinct personalities. You have the head of the family, the guardians of the clan, the creatives, the workers, the nurturers and so on. But what is a dynasty without a rebel, the one that stands apart, up to and against the current? The quintessential mischief maker completes the picture. Keeping that in mind, enter Bubly Raspberry Sparkling Water. While the name may sound timid and tepid, this sparkling water is anything but. This is the drink that could have launched a thousand ships. The taste of this seltzer is so polarizing, you either love it or hate it. Be that as it may, one thing is for sure: you will not be able to forget it any time soon.

An Acquired Taste

The first impression you’ll get after a sip of a Bubly Raspberry Sparkling Water is a hit of tartness. And not just a mild tartness, but the kind that makes your lips pucker and eyes squint. As is expected with berry drinks, tart is an integral factor. But whether it is too tart or not, depends on the preferences of the drinker in question. The flavor makes a strong and bold statement, putting this drink right in front of your eyes and making it hard to ignore. The actual raspberry flavor is neither sweet nor sour but is certainly present nonetheless. Perhaps a few additional ingredients or mixers or even harder liquors can help balance out the polarizing taste effect of this daredevil of a seltzer. For a company that is known for simple, well-liked flavors, Bubly has certainly shaken things up a bit with its raspberry flavored seltzer water.

Bubly Raspberry Sparkling Water Is A Pot Stirrer

Now being a pot-stirrer hasn’t always gotten good press. This Bubly seltzer challenges this notion, by giving drinkers more than just a flavor to think about. Is it naturally berrylicious? Is the flavor a bit artificial? It’s all open to debate, depending on the tastes of the drinkers. A drink that creates ideas, thoughts and opinions, this sparkling water is probably not the best idea for a rookie drinker. Having said that and given that it’s on the pricier side, if you do find this seltzer water on sale it’s probably worth a try just to experience the feistiness that it brings. Not a fan of raspberry? Visit our Bubly Sparkling Water Reviews page to find more Bubly flavors to try.

An Affair You Will Remember

Whether or not it is a pleasing one, Bubly Raspberry Sparkling Water certainly gets the last word on bold drinking choices in the seltzer and sparkling water industry, what with its provocative taste, bold and tart flavor, and lasting aftertaste. The tart hit in the beginning catches your attention and the dry aftertaste doesn’t let it go in a hurry. In the end, this Bubly review was an easy one, as this drink demands and commands your attention for the entirety of your consumption. Prepare for your palate to be enveloped in a world of berry goodness and a carbonated joyride for some time to come.


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