Truly Hard Seltzer Review: Orange

Truly Orange Hard Seltzer

Rating: 95 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Truly Orange Hard Seltzer Delivers with Juicy Orange Flavor

Truly Orange Hard Seltzer— There’s nothing as refreshing and tasty as a tall glass of OJ, is there? Whether it’s a fancy garden party with tall glasses of mimosas or a night of dinner and drinks. An afternoon out on a yacht or even a game night that never ends. Give the old fruity favorite an upgrade now. Abracadabra! You are left with a chilled can of delicious Truly Orange Hard Seltzer to go with whatever you are doing, wherever you are. The orange flavor has always been synonymous with lightness, easy hydration and sweetness coupled with a little tang. It is a great refreshment in any season at any time of day. It’s near impossible to go wrong with a orange flavored spiked sparkling water. And the name of this drink is TRULY a guarantee for an enjoyable drinking session. Welcome to the Trulyverse’s take in the universal flavor favorite: Orange.

Flavor For Days

A sip of Truly Orange Hard Seltzer is enough to transport the drinker directly to a summer day on the beach. And you take your first sip right after an invigorating swim in the ocean and before a game of volleyball. With that authentic citrus aroma wafting around as soon as you pop open a can of this hard seltzer, it’s impossible to resist sampling it. But the real task is to then stop at just one can. The taste is clean, crisp and fresh. There is no mineral-like aftertaste. It truly feels like a bubbly orange beverage with a little buzz. And it is equally well carbonated so that you have a balanced and delicious drinking experience. Pair it with vodka and create your own new take on a Screwdriver.

Truly Orange Hard Seltzer Puts The ‘Light’ in Delight

Now a drink as delicious as this Truly could lead us to deduce that it is too indulgent. That it may have too many elements in it to actually produce the tasty goodness of the drink. But quite the contrary. With an ABV of just 5%, you can enjoy more than a can in a sitting without feeling uncomfortably tipsy. Just let yourself enjoy the light buzz. And for the fitness-fanatics, even better news awaits. There are only 100 calories, 2g of total carbohydrates and a single gram of sugar per serving. And it’s gluten-free so those watching their gluten intake needn’t worry, either. This hard sparkling water is allergy-conscious, light on the tummy and truly a whole lot of fun.

Orange You Glad

Truly just levelled up a notch with this tangy addition to their line of hard seltzers. In fact, this is one of the highest rated Truly hard seltzer reviews to-date. Not only do these provide the drinker with a generous amount of refreshment, they also adapt beautifully to several different cocktail recipes, mixers and liquors. The sky’s the limit with what you can do with a can of this spiked seltzer. It checks all of the boxes. Flavor, taste, balance of ingredients and carbonation are all excellent. But moreover, Truly Orange Hard Seltzer upholds the high expectations of everybody’s favorite fruit juice. Now that is worth celebrating…with a can of this hard seltzer of course.


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