Aha Sparkling Water Review: Citrus + Green Tea


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Aha Citrus + Green Tea Sparkling Water Makes For A Curious Couple

Aha Citrus + Green Tea Sparkling Water

— Let’s speak honestly about Aha Citrus + Green Tea Sparkling Water. Is this the most popular sparkling water out there? No? Is it even Aha’s most popular flavor? No. But it is an exotic blend of two very light and refreshing flavors giving birth to one unique and different beverage. This drink is best suited for the sophisticated palate already acquainted with ways of the world and open to trying different elements of taste. For a connoisseur of flavor and patron of fragrance who can understand that the gentleness of green tea would best be paired with vivacious burst of a citrus bouquet.

Mild Subdued Flavor

Aha Citrus + Green Tea Sparkling Water has a mild flavor that’s almost perfect. It may not be bold and so some might think its failed them on that count. But no one can deny that where it may falter in audacity it makes up for with some caffeine content. It has a cool 30 mg of caffeine which is merely one third of a cup of coffee. So it won’t adversely affect the regular coffee drinker, but may serve as a nice pick me up for others. And it doesn’t have any sugar, added sweetener, sodium or calories. The drink is not sweet whatsoever. And strangely not very sour, either. It manages to conceal the true identity of its flavors and keeps you guessing. That may be good or bad, but in the end its floral, fruity tones tend to overpower the hint of green tea that you’ll manage to detect.

Aha Citrus + Green Tea Sparkling Water Is A Citrusy Mystery

The essence of orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit coax the shy green tea to reveal its flavor, but only at the finish. You will need to slowly savor each sip to detect the subtle hints of green tea. The citrus scent is noticeable and reminiscent of the orange blossom fragrance. Some might associate it with cleaning products that also rely on these same orange-lemony scents to trick the mind into feeling fresh. This sparkling water might be refreshing to some drinkers that crave unique combinations. But, overall, it should be considered an acquired taste and definitely won’t be the most popular choice in the cooler. If your curious and want to try something different you’ll hear no objections from us. But we’d recommend another more traditional and popular flavor if you’re serving guests.

Not A Match Made In Heaven

Green Tea and Citrus are not an everyday combination. Maybe they make an unlikely match and like star crossed lovers, only a few can see and appreciate their charming romance. But like Marc Anthony and Cleopatra or Romeo and Juliet, they are certainly a duo that makes you take notice. So don’t bring it to a rowdy party where it will be unappreciated. Instead, take it to a group of individuals who are patient and eager. Those who wish to acquire the taste of fancy things and watch as they’re intrigued by this seltzer and its mysterious complexity.


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