Truly Hard Seltzer Review: Lemon


Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Pucker Up Because You’re Going To Fall In Love With Truly Lemon

Truly Lemon Hard Seltzer

— You may have never been to a lemon orchard in a Mediterranean country. But take one sip of Truly Lemon Hard Seltzer and you will instantly be transported there. Some drinks have flavors that seem vague and generic, but this citrusy hard seltzer is no blushing wallflower. It boldly arrests your attention with its big lemon flavor and lingering citrus perfume. So much so that you might be fooled into thinking someone just squeezed a big, sweet lemon in your drink and handed it to you. The scent is hypnotic and stays resolute until you finish the very last drop left in the can.

Authentic Taste

Its flavor tastes very authentic. Like a fresh lemonade or freshly squeezed sweet lemon juice. You almost feel like it is thicker than it actually is. Truly delivered a memorable scent that puts you under its spell. You’ll soon surrender to the taste and whole experience that this drink has to offer. The carbonation is vigorous. And when coupled with its fresh flavor and powerful lemony aroma, really wakes you up and gives you energy. When you crack open a can it almost makes you want to throw a party. The fabulous taste and charming effect it has on your senses makes you want to celebrate and let your hair down. This isn’t just a hard seltzer, it is a mood. A feeling of wanting to grab a chilled can and hang out with your friends and family while enjoying the moment.

Truly Lemon Hard Seltzer Delivers The Lemon Flavor You Desire

Each sip of this spiked seltzer starts the same way. A wave of citrusy perfection consumes you as you pop open the can. You take a sip and feel the sweetness hit your tongue and tantalize you. As you finish your first taste a pleasing, pungent flavor hits and you savor the burst of freshness you feel. And then you take a second sip and experience this all over again. The carbonation is perky and befits the crispness of the lemon flavor. The bubbles add another layer to this entire process. The combination of sweet and sour feels natural and true to the lemon’s taste. Don’t question the flavor just because there is more sweet compared to sour. It isn’t that the taste is artificial. It’s just that Truly has tried — and succeeded — in capturing the lemon in its most prime form.

Lemon Love

One whiff of a Truly Lemon Hard Seltzer and you are in love. It is all about the lemon with this hard seltzer. It has the sweetness in the front of your mouth and by the time it fully signals your taste buds you can feel a slight sourness. You can taste a slight alcohol flavor and you feel a gentle calm midway through the can that keeps your spirits up. It’s refreshing, bubbly, and so inviting that it will be hard stopping at just one. Truly has done a nice job with this hard seltzer and it’s a choice you won’t regret making.

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