Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water Review: Lime


Rating: 80 Points

Perrier Holds Its Own In A Crowded Field Of Lime Sparkling Waters

Perrier Lime Carbonated Mineral Water— If Perrier Lime Carbonated Mineral Water was a tourist, it would be traveling through the pyramids and study all the ancient Egyptian artefacts. It would sashay along the bazaars of Hyderabad and buy exotic perfumes in the old lanes of Shanghai. It would peruse through old books in Grecian alleyways. And walk down London’s cobbled streets as they rushed to catch their theatre matinee at the West End. They would be mature, sophisticated, and perhaps a bit of acquired taste. Born in the South of France, Perrier is one of the world’s most premium carbonated mineral water brands. And its lime flavor is perhaps its most popular.

Take A Trip

One sip of it and you are transported to the French Riviera. You imagine the lime fruit being plucked gently and placed in a handwoven straw basket. In fact it seems like the beverage has had fresh lime squeezed in it just seconds before you drink it. Its gentle bubbles tease and tantalize you as you take a sunshine flavored sip. As you swallow you experience a mildly bitter taste that cautions you to pace yourself. Its not the sort of drink you chug down on to refresh yourself on a summer’s day. Instead it is the sort of beverage you have with your dinner or lunch as you make scintillating conversation, share some laughs, and enjoy those who are in your company. .

Perrier Lime Carbonated Mineral Water Is Fun And Friendly

This sparkling water may be sophisticated, but it is by no means stuffy and pretentious. It knows how to have fun. Friendly enough to make the most vivacious cocktails and flirty enough to have by itself with perhaps just a wedge of mandarin orange. It has a nice, balanced natural lime essence throughout the drink but we would have to say that it is more tart than sweet. Zero calories and no sugar or artificial sweeteners make it perfect to put in your gym bag for a post workout pick-me-up after you sweat it out. It’s also a good choice for those who enjoy dry wine as it has a strong aftertaste with natural mineral undertones.

Slow And Steady

The other lime sparkling waters and seltzers may be a bit sweeter and less bitter, but they are consumed. In contrast, Perrier Lime Carbonated Mineral Water is slowly savored and relished. Its exuberant lime flavors may not quench a parched person. If you’re seeking refuge from the relentless sun this may not be the best choice. Mineral waters typically offers little in the way of quick relie due to its dry finish. This comes from the natural mineral content found in the water used to make this beverage. But the precocious bubbles are consistent throughout the drink and are as present in the last sip as they are in the first. And it certainly does set the mood for a great evening. Pairing this water with your savory meal allows you to temporarily stop the sands of time and make the most of the moment.


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