Polar Seltzer Water Review: Lemon


Rating: 68 Points

Life Gave Us Polar Lemon Seltzer Water But No Lemonade

Polar Lemon Seltzer Water— Arriving home from work after a long day, you plop down on your sofa and want something to drink. Something that is not heavy or sugary. More than just a glass of water but not a high calorie soda or juice. You want to feel fresh and not add any artificial flavors or colors in to your body after an already stressful day. You open a Polar Lemon Seltzer Water hoping for the best, but to no avail. The lemon is simply nowhere to be found.

Weak Lemon Flavor

It’s not an obvious lemon scent. It doesn’t feel like you have swallowed a box of lemon scented detergent. It instead has these subtle citrusy notes, not exactly what you might expect. This lemon seltzer is like a precautious bird watcher that waits in the shadows hoping to catch a glimpse of some rare and exotic bird. It doesn’t make sudden movements and you almost feel like the lemon isn’t there. But then you shut your eyes and can feel the fruity essence peek and show itself. It feels more like someone dropped a lemon in to a sparkling water, but without squeezing it first.

Polar Lemon Seltzer Is Quite Bubbly

The perky carbonation is the first thing you’ll notice about this low-key sparkling water. And you’ll vow not to underestimate it ever again. It has a strong gush of bubbles like its other Polar Seltzer siblings and you’ll take notice. If you are someone who doesn’t drink anything but club soda or plain sparkling water, this is a good beverage to initiate you into something a little more zesty. When you socialize, you quickly realize that beverages are the most damaging part of your meal. Sometimes even more than desserts. The sneaky calories and astonishing amount of sugar in a soft drink or even a fruit juice can deter one from going out. But Polar Lemon Seltzer Water has zero calories and has no added sugar or sodium. It is also kosher and gluten free and the flavoring comes from natural sources. It’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike, too.

Still Some Redeeming Qualities

The high carbonation makes Polar Lemon Seltzer a good palate cleanser. A taste between very aromatic-laden courses and your taste buds will be ready to embrace new flavors and experiences. It also serves as a natural digestive aid if you have had a heavy, spicy and oily meal. It feels like a fresh start to everything. Its neutral taste — sometimes to its detriment — also makes it a good mixer for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It should blend well with most everything. And the mild lemon essence will enhance the taste of many cocktails and mocktails. Though not Polar’s best flavor by a longshot, it is still somewhat refreshing.  And at the very least it’s calorie-free, sugar-free and doesn’t overpower the senses. A logical choice for consumers who don’t want to be hit on the head with a hammer of forced lemon flavor, but definitely one of the weakest Polar seltzer reviews we’ve done on Seltzer Nation.


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