Waterloo Sparkling Water Review: Blueberry

Waterloo Blueberry Sparkling Water

Rating: 78 Points

Waterloo Blueberry Sparkling Water Left Us Feeling A Little Blue

Waterloo Blueberry Sparkling Water— Blueberries are one of natures greatest gifts to fresh fruit flavor. It is amazing what nature can create. Man has long yearned to replicate fresh fruit taste in the flavored beverage market. Capturing the way the sweet essence erupts upon biting into a blueberry could well be considered the holy grail of beverage flavoring. Many beverage companies have tried to capture an authentic blueberry taste. But in the flavored seltzer market success has been elusive. And that is also the case with Waterloo Blueberry Sparkling Water. The flavored seltzer makes a valiant effort, but comes up just a hair short in execution. Yet it’s still an interesting entry into the seltzer water market that is worth considering. It may not be your everyday favorite, but it could be one you enjoy occasionally.

Enjoyable Sweet Taste

Yet Waterloo Blueberry Sparkling Water has an enjoyable taste. The flavor is relatively sweet with a very mild and pleasurable finish. However, the authenticity of the flavor remains somewhat questionable. In fact, the blueberry flavor probably won’t be guessed in a blindfold taste test. The taste of this particular seltzer water is more like artificially flavored blueberry candy than actual blueberry. And that will lead to many drinkers seeking a more authentic flavored blueberry beverage elsewhere. Even the bouquet of this particular seltzer beverage is more reminiscent of a blueberry fruit snack. It smells like it tastes – slightly sweet.

Waterloo Blueberry Sparkling Water Is A Sophisticated Choice

Because of its mild and pleasing flavors, this Waterloo Sparkling Water will definitely appeal to those with a more sophisticated palate. It’s also gluten free and has no calories, no carbs, and no sugars. Having one whenever you please does not require a lot of gym time. And while other companies offer variations of blueberry combined with other flavors, Waterloo’s is one of the only single-flavor blueberry seltzers available. It may not be an everyday favorite, but the soft yet pleasant bouquet and subtle sweet aftertaste is ideal as an occasional treat. For those who fancy themselves mixologists, this blueberry elixir could make for an interesting mixer at your next cocktail party.

An Appealing Treat

All in all, this blueberry seltzer is not one to be completely dismissed. While our tasters were not overwhelmed with excitement over this unique flavor, they did not find it altogether unenjoyable. Compared to other Waterloo reviews, this rating was a bit lower. But the key to enjoying this particular flavored sparkling water is keeping expectations in check. Waterloo’s blueberry seltzer has a pleasant flavor and aftertaste, but it’s not necessarily authentic. The slightly sweet taste hints more of syrup than of fresh fruit. As long as you temper your expectations to align with a less than authentic flavor, Waterloo’s Blue Berry Sparkling Water can be a relatively appealing beverage. It definitely has a more fruit snack-like aroma and sweeter taste, but as one of the only single-flavor blueberry sparkling water beverages on the market it is good for the occasional treat.


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