PRESS Hard Seltzer Review: Pomegranate Ginger

Press Pomegranate Ginger Hard Seltzer

Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 110

Carbs: 7g

ABV: 4%

PRESS Pomegranate Ginger Hard Seltzer Offers a Unique and Spicy Experience

Press Pomegranate Ginger Hard Seltzer— To the delight of consumers, hard seltzer manufacturers have started pushing the envelope with flavor combinations. Mixologists no longer look for just the ordinary. Rather, they seek to use unique flavor blends to stand out from the crowd. Pomegranates originated in the Mediterranean region extending between Iran and northern India. Spanish settlers introduced it to California in 1769. The red-purple fruit is sweet in flavor with just a touch of sour. Pomegranates have long been used in drinks in Europe and the Middle East. And now are used regularly in North America, too. Enter PRESS Pomegranate Ginger Hard Seltzer. A creative mix of fruit and spice creating a uniquely enjoyable beverage.

A Touch of Ginger

While pomegranate is the predominant flavor in this PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer, there are hints of other influences, too. Ginger root is widely used throughout the world as a spice as well as in homeopathic medicine. Also known as folk medicine, plants and minerals are used for treating illnesses. And the “dose” of ginger in this spiked seltzer water perfectly complements the sweet and sour tones of the pomegranate. The ginger balances the pomegranate’s sweetness and gives the seltzer a pleasant kick and enthusiastic zest. PRESS Pomegranate Ginger Hard Seltzer does an excellent job of balancing the fruit flavor with the ginger’s spice. The overall impression is quite enjoyable on the palate.

PRESS Pomegranate Ginger Has Complex Fruit Flavors

The combined flavor of ginger with pomegranate results in a spiked beverage with a distinct cranberry-like taste. This, in spite of fragrances reminiscent of apples and cherries. The use of ginger in this hard sparkling water gives the resulting beverage a taste of a light, fruity ginger ale. In a word, the drink is refreshing. This alcoholic seltzer has an ABV of 4%, a little lower than most. This hard water is crafted to remove gluten, but is malt-derived so it is not 100% gluten free. Each serving features 110 calories, 7 grams of total carbs, and 5 grams of total sugars. While it has more calories and carbs than many seltzers, the numbers are still relatively low given the amount of flavor. Check out more fascinating flavors in our Press Seltzer Reviews section.

A Unique Tasting Beverage

Combining unique flavors like pomegranate and ginger creates whole new genres in the beverage market. PRESS Pomegranate Ginger Premium Alcohol Seltzer has a fresh and fruity flavor that is sure to please. It is very appealing to the palate and evokes memories of fruit flavored ginger ale. Of course, being a hard seltzer, there are other benefits beyond just good taste. With its great pomegranate taste with ginger influences, spiked seltzer is a beverage that combines the best of both taste sensations. If you’re a fan of fruit flavored hard sparkling beverages, you will not want to miss tasting this new hybrid-flavor premium seltzer from PRESS.

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