Polar Seltzer’ade Review: Blood Orange Lemonade

Polar Blood Orange Lemonade Seltzer

Rating: 77 Points

Polar Seltzer’ade Blood Orange Lemonade Is All Orange And No Lemon

Polar Blood Orange Lemonade Seltzer— It’s no wonder that the Polar Seltzer’ade line is getting a lot of press lately. Their eclectic collection of fruity combinations will definitely grab your attention. The spotlight this time is on the Polar Blood Orange Lemonade Seltzer. Prepare yourself for something strong and something bold like the name suggests. A taste that will certainly stick in your memory for a long time. Think of a dramatic play right after the pastoral interlude ends. The drum roll reaches a crescendo and presents the second act for which you’ve been waiting.

Strong Flavor And Aroma

Definitely a rare combination with colorful visuals, the taste of blood orange with lemonade isn’t as special as one would imagine. The power-packed blood orange element combined with the high carbonation levels both overpower any hint of lemon. Basically reducing it to a mere figment of imagination. Overall it’s most definitely an acquired taste. A flavor best reserved for lovers of orange and sharp citrus flavor. Even stronger than the flavor is the aroma of Polar Blood Orange Lemonade Seltzer. A strong scent that transports you back to the good old days of orange crush soda during your childhood. Yes, the very soda that left your lips and tongue a brilliant orange. Full and happy, you walked home from the corner store sporting a big smile and a brain freeze. Good memories for sure, but perhaps not the flavor profile you were seeking in your seltzer water.

Polar Seltzer’ade Blood Orange Lemonade Still Has Benefits

But this Seltzer’ade still delivers in a world where everybody is doing their best to be fit and healthy. This sparkling lemonade seltzer boasts the ‘less is more’ slogan in the ingredient section. And this works out perfectly in the drinker’s advantage. No calories, no carbohydrates, zero sugar, zero fat, and zero sodium. Nothing but sparkling water, natural flavors and the essence of fresh lemons. And when the label on the can says “Guilt Free” they mean it. Quite a welcome option for those looking for some healthier hydration. It may not be the best sparkling water, but it’s still a much better choice over sugary soft drinks or other artificially flavored beverages.

Artificial Taste

Fond childhood memories aside, this Polar Seltzer’ade has an artificial tasting blood orange flavor. Almost like the taste an orange gum ball would leave in your mouth. And just like a gum ball, the somewhat tart aftertaste may not be desirable to many drinkers. Try diluting this seltzer with some crushed ice and slice of lemon to make it less overwhelming. It’s worth a shot and might just balance out the overpowering flavors and carbonation level more to your liking. Also, be mindful that all Polar Seltzer’ade flavors are sold in a pack of 8. Traditional Polar Seltzer waters are typically sold in 12-packs, so the added cost per can might make you even more hesitant to try this particular flavor.


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