Bud Light Seltzer Ugly Sweater Pack Review: Ginger Snap

Bud Light Ginger Snap Hard Seltzer

Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 3g

ABV: 5%

Big Ginger Flavor is The Gift That Keeps on Giving with This Holiday Seltzer

Bud Light Ginger Snap Hard Seltzer— Picture a winter wonderland right out of Anna and Elsa’s Frozen. Sleigh rides with warm blankets and hot cider. Decorated Christmas trees and the beautifully wrapped presents that lie beneath. Ice skating with your friends and inhaling the crisp pine scented air. The sound of carolers crooning in the streets. Building gingerbread houses and sneaking a piece when no one is looking. The explosion of ginger and mixed spices along with the deep resonance of molasses is what Bud Light Ginger Snap Hard Seltzer really tastes like. It’s like a warm freshly baked ginger snap cookie. Like the kind you baked for Santa and know it’s his favorite because the plate was always empty in the morning. Except it’s cold, bubbly and refreshing. And carbonated with holiday spirit!

Like Ginger Ale but Better

This Bud Light Seltzer tastes like a strong ginger ale, mixed with ginger beer, with a ground ginger rim on the glass. “Now that’s a lot of ginger” you might think, but with winter’s cold air creeping closer, this beverage tastes absolutely delightful. It isn’t gingery in a homemade tonic kind of way, but rather like a sophisticated spice for the gourmet enthusiast. You don’t need a sweater after having this one. However, it does get a little mellow after your first sip. But perhaps that’s because you’ve just surrendered to its blazing flavor. This drink would be amazing around a campfire with people singing songs and toasting marshmallows. It’s a very likeable drink and will be an instant holiday favorite at all your festive gatherings.

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Bud Light Ginger Snap Hard Seltzer Has Authentic Ginger Flavor

Not only is the flavor of this ginger-flavored hard sparkling water authentic, but so is the smell. The perfume is earthy and feels wholesome and hearty. The carbonation is perfect and is a little tamer to contrast the sharpness of the ginger taste itself. If the bubbles had been too bold maybe it would have been a difficult seltzer to consume, but luckily the blend is perfect. What differentiates this from a spiked ginger ale? It tastes more like the holiday cookie but with a zingy twist. You swear you can taste the syrupy molasses, inviting nutmeg and fragrant cinnamon that are staple ingredients in the biscuit. It has a great aftertaste and is as gingery with your first sip as it is with your last.

Ginger all The Way

The most impressive thing about reviewing Bud Light Ginger Snap Hard Seltzer is how authentic and accurate it tasted. While it’s all ginger up front, we could also taste a faint nutmeg finish. And that is a quite a feat considering that it only has a hundred calories and a 5% ABV. It’s also gluten free and only has 3 grams of carbohydrates. But still it’s the taste that wins. It’s reminiscent of a ginger snap cookie with all the heat and sweetness that the biscuit normally has but with a dash of sizzle. It has the bite and warmth of the ginger root without the edge, and the effect is a spice-forward carbonated beverage that’s warm and comforting. Happy Holidays!


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