Truly Hard Seltzer Review: Raspberry Lime

Truly Raspberry Lime Hard Seltzer

Rating: 87 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Truly’s Berry and Citrus Flavor Combination is a Well Balanced Beauty

Truly Raspberry Lime Hard Seltzer— Truly Raspberry Lime Hard Seltzer is for the confused, indecisive, and greedy. It’s for the gourmand and gourmet alike, and for anyone who demands more from life. Because this bubbly beauty delivers on all counts and then some. Everything that is fantastic and iconic comes in pairs: Romeo & Juliet; Peanut Butter & Jelly; the Titanic & the iceberg. And in this hard sparkling water the lime and raspberry make an extraordinary but unlikely duo. Stars in their own right, raspberry and lime create a wonderful, blended drink that is bright and boisterous. Like Fred and Ginger, they take centerstage and leave the competition twirling behind them as they tango their way into peoples’ hearts. One sip and magic is in the air as the dynamic duo get a round of applause in appreciation.

The Best of Both Worlds

If one could assign zodiac signs to spiked seltzers, then Truly Raspberry Lime would definitely be a Gemini. Equal parts lime and raspberry, it’s unusual for a drink to strike such balance. It manages to encapsulate the best of both worlds without compromising either of their qualities. Both fruits are equally represented and yet together they make a delectable concoction that has you marveling at the creation. This hard seltzer has none of the bitterness associated with alcohol and only hints of the gentle buzz instead. It’s eerie how this drink tastes like the individual fruits but also like a completely new cocktail. It feels like a fancy bartender decided to surprise you with this marvelous new combination that is light and fruity but makes a big impact as well.

Truly Raspberry Lime Hard Seltzer Surprises The Taste Buds

When you think of berries or limes you think of sharp, tarty notes that hit the back of your throat. And as you take your first sip of this spiked sparkling water you get ready for a tsunami of sour waves to overwhelm you. You brace yourself in anticipation and then are surprised at what you get instead. Lilting floral notes of citrus and sweet ruby raspberry. They tease you and leave you satisfied, and you swear you could hear soft rock combined with a strumming harp. The taste is celestial and transports you to your happy place.

Truly Delicious

While we’ve given higher ratings for other Truly reviews, the beautifully balanced flavor with only 100 calories and 1 gram of sugar makes this flavor an instant hit. Not that it needed any more virtues to make it more popular. The sweet raspberry and sunny lime come together to deliver a delicious hard beverage that’s hard to put down.  It’s light and frolics on your taste buds like a dolphin in the sea. The taste is sweet and the perfect blend of both fruit flavors. Every time you pop open a can, it is like the party has arrived. It’s fun, fizzy and fabulous. The citrus and berry combination makes it an irresistible treat, and the two measly grams of carbs and modest 5% alcohol volume make it a treat you can enjoy more than once.


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