Bud Light Seltzer Ugly Sweater Pack Review: Peppermint Pattie

Bud Light Peppermint Pattie Hard Seltzer

Rating: 93 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 3g

ABV: 5%

Bud Light Delivers Again with This Perfect Peppermint Pattie Hard Seltzer

Bud Light Peppermint Pattie Hard Seltzer Winter holiday nights are truly magical. Plaid pajamas, fuzzy sweaters, laughter and giggling all around. The smell of fresh popcorn and roast ham all in a lovely symphony of aromas. Children are clamoring around the Christmas tree and someone is a doing a jigsaw puzzle in the corner. You come home cold from playing in the snow and a mug of piping hot chocolate with a fluffy marshmallow is waiting for you. Someone makes peppermint bark on a cookie tray and then gleefully cracks it with a hammer. Everyone watches the chocolate shards separate into delicious, jagged pieces. Bud Light Peppermint Pattie Hard Seltzer tastes like a bubbly version of those holiday nights we remember so fondly.

Tasty Memories

When you first sip this gluten free spiked seltzer you’re engulfed with a wave of nostalgia. You can taste the boxes of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies you bought from your niece. The hot chocolate you had with a peppermint stick at grandma’s house every year is now fresh in your mind. You smell the subtle dark chocolate and the lilting perfume of peppermint exactly like an authentic Peppermint Pattie. The bubbles are refreshing and surprising. You can’t tell if you taste more mint or more chocolate. But the taste of the alcohol makes its presence felt and complements each flavor perfectly. The taste is excellent and delicate, almost like an expensive thin mint chocolate cocktail. And while holidays are known to be hard on the waistline, the Ugly Sweater Pack flavors are your friend with only 100 calories per serving.

Bud Light Peppermint Pattie Hard Seltzer Feels Like You’re Drinking Dessert

Should you really want to DRINK a Peppermint Pattie? The answer is yes. Some uncommon drink flavors can be weird but the proof is in the pudding, or seltzer in this case. Typically when one thinks of seltzers tropical citrus fruits and summery berry flavors come to mind. However, this wintertime flavor absolutely works. And while this hard sparkling water is part of the new seasonal Ugly Sweater Pack by Bud Light, there’s nothing ugly about it. The Peppermint Pattie flavor, just like the Apple Crisp and Ginger Snap flavors also found in the pack, only has 1 gram of sugar and just 3 grams of carbs. All are lighter than many other cocktails you might otherwise consume this holiday season. You’ll find this drink enjoyable any time of the day, but it would be simply fantastic on a cold winter’s night nestled beside a warm, crackling fire.

A Perfect Combination (for most)

While we gave a good score for this Bud Light seltzer review, it wasn’t without some controversy. A few dissenters were overruled, so make sure you have a backup flavor on hand for your party. Peppermint hot chocolate may not seem like a drink that would translate well to an ice-cold Bud Light Seltzer but it does. It’s the grown up version of the famous Girl Scout Cookie in a bubbly concoction that’s too good to miss. Bud Light Peppermint Pattie Hard Seltzer is a wonderfully carbonated after-dinner drink that feels like nostalgia in a glass. Its prominent taste of chocolate and mint with the subtle tones of alcohol are a heady mix and will offer stiff competition to the traditional Eggnog this year for sure. This seltzer is the embodiment of what the holiday season feels and tastes like. Here’s to minty holiday cheer!


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