Loyal 9 Cocktails Launches Vodka Seltzer In Variety 8 Packs

Loyal 9 Cocktails Vodka Seltzer

Loyal 9 Vodka Seltzers are Low-Calorie, No-Sugar and Made with Real Fruit

— Rhode Island’s Loyal 9 Cocktails has announced the launch of variety 8 packs for their Loyal Light + Sparkling Vodka Seltzers. Well known for their 9% alcohol hard lemonade lineup, the Loyal Light + Sparkling line is a low-calorie, no-sugar alternative aimed at hard seltzer drinkers. The packs include two cans each of their four available flavors: Lime, Raspberry, Orange and Lemon.

At 4.5% alcohol, each gluten-free flavor contains just 95 calories, 0 grams of sugar and 1-2 grams of carbs. “Sometimes you just want a light and refreshing drink that can be enjoyed with anything, anywhere,” said Michael Reppucci, President of Loyal 9 Cocktails. At 95 calories, Loyal 9’s new vodka seltzers will satisfy the thirst of anyone on a keto-diet or simply watching their calorie intake.

The Ready-To-Drink (RTD) category has continued its upward trend and shows no signs of slowing down. Low-alcohol, low-calorie options continue to dominate the space as they appeal to a wide variety of consumers and their lifestyles. “They literally taste like sparkling water with a splash of fresh fruit,” said Bryan Ricard, Director of Marketing for Loyal 9 Cocktails. “I believe people will try these because of the low calories and carbs, then be blown away by the flavor.”

Most hard seltzers on the market are malt or sugar based. Loyal Light + Sparkling, instead, is produced with Loyal 9 Vodka. “These are vodka seltzers,” Reppucci explained. “It’s no secret that high-quality ingredients add up to a high-quality product. Using our vodka and real fruit really makes a difference that you’ll notice as soon as you open the can.” Loyal 9 Cocktails has always put a focus on using real ingredients, in contrast to some other options in the market that can leave consumers with a fake, chemical-like aftertaste.

Distribution of the variety packs is currently underway throughout RI, MA and CT; SRP of $16.99-$17.99 per 8-pack. Loyal 9 Cocktails will continue to sell their 9% offerings throughout RI, MA, CT, NH and ME. Customers can use the product locator on Loyal 9’s website to find the closest availability.


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