Loyal Light + Sparkling Vodka Seltzer Review: Lime

Loyal 9 Lime Vodka Seltzer

Rating: 87 Points

Calories: 95

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 4.5%

Loyal Light + Sparkling Lime Vodka Seltzer Dances on The Taste Buds

Loyal 9 Lime Vodka Seltzer— When you think about it, citrus fruits are very natural candidates for blending with certain spirits. Lemon and orange are two fresh fruits that are used to garnish everything from hard liquor to artisan beers to sparkling water. Grapefruit has even found its way into a few beverages. Lime is often the forgotten child in the citrus family. But, its tart flavor is one that really lends itself well to spirited drinks. In fact, lime and vodka are two flavors that go incredibly well together. The flavors play off each other with the same beauty as two ballet dancers on stage – complimenting one another and blending to create something magnificent. Capturing the elegance of the dance between vodka and lime is Loyal Light + Sparkling Lime Vodka Seltzer.

Faint But Pleasant Aroma

One thing that we love upon opening a can of hard seltzer is to fully take in the aroma of the beverage. Sometimes the scent is too strong and kind of turns one’s stomach. Other times the scent can be too faint and fails to add any buildup to the eventual taste experience. Loyal Light + Sparkling Lime Vodka Seltzer has a bouquet that is on the lighter side of the scale. While the scent does not detract from the experience, it could benefit from being stronger. The spiked seltzer has a 4.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). This is pretty middle of the road for hard seltzers. In terms of calories, this vodka seltzer is fairly average at 95 calories per can. A similar calorie content compared to other spiked sparkling waters found in our hard seltzer review category. Each can has ½ gram of total sugars, 2 grams of total carbohydrates, and is also gluten-free.

Loyal Light + Sparkling Lime Vodka Seltzer is Big on Flavor

Whatever shortcomings this vodka seltzer from Loyal 9 Cocktails has in terms of aroma, it makes up for in taste. This yummy delight is made in Rhode Island by Sons of Liberty Spirits using real premium vodka and real fresh limes. The combination of vodka and lime are just ideal for a beverage stronger on fruit flavor than that of alcohol. It is a light and crisp flavor that dances on the tongue. In addition to the clear and delightful tones of lime, there is a hint of spice (perhaps cinnamon or nutmeg?). The spiked seltzer is just right for a day on the golf course or cruising the river or lake on a boat. A seasoned drinker might consider pouring this beverage over ice and adding more vodka and a lime wedge.

Joyful Experience

The beauty of two ballet dancers on stage comes from how they compliment each other, and at the same time contrast each other. There is an artistic ebb and flow to how the dancers interact with each other to jointly create a unified artistic experience. That same artistic ebb and flow is captured in the way the vodka and lime interact in Loyal Light + Sparkling Lime Vodka Seltzer. The hard seltzer has a clean and crisp flavor that really excites the taste buds. While lime is sometimes the forgotten member of the citrus family, it really makes the grade with this spiked seltzer. You can enjoy this feisty drink any time, but in particular its well-blended flavors are perfect for a day out in the sun.


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