Loyal Light + Sparkling Vodka Seltzer Review: Orange

Loyal 9 Orange Vodka Seltzer

Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 95

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 4.5%

Loyal Light + Sparkling Orange Vodka Seltzer Takes You Down Memory Lane

Loyal 9 Orange Vodka Seltzer— When it comes to beverage flavors, if you are a fruit soda fan chances are orange is going to be in your top five favorites. If your family was anything like that of mine and my friends, then soda wasn’t an everyday treat. Maybe once a week you got to pick out a pop from the soda machine at the gas station. Part of the excitement at getting to buy a soda from the machine came in deciding which flavor to get. While colas and un-colas both have their place, nine times out of ten the final choice was orange. There is just something too alluring to pass up about orange soda on a sunny day. The way the sweet syrup blends with the carbonation always leads to a smile on your face. Bringing back some of those memories is Loyal Light + Sparkling Orange Vodka Seltzer.

Enticing Orange Fragrance

Loyal Light + Sparkling Orange Vodka Seltzer is made in Rhode Island by Sons of Liberty Spirits under their Loyal 9 Cocktails brand. Right from the moment you crack open a can, you are instantly transported to your happy place. It has a very wonderful and enticing orange scent. It is as if fresh oranges were jumping out of the can to fill the air with their luscious aroma. The succulent scent is complimented by a light orange tint to the beverage itself. The hard seltzer has a 4.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). Each can has 95 calories, 2 grams of total carbs, and a ½ gram of total sugars. And for those following a strict no gluten diet, you’ll be pleased to know that this spiked sparkling water is also gluten-free.

Loyal Light + Sparkling Orange Vodka Seltzer is Like Fanta with a Kick

This vodka-based bubbly beverage is made using real premium vodka, fresh oranges, and clementines. The level of commitment to creating a tempting taste concoction should be celebrated, and this hard seltzer makes for a very tasty treat. The taste is very much like a Fanta orange soda, but with a vodka kick. The taste is primarily orange, but you do taste a subtle vodka flavor. The orange flavor is also reminiscent of orange juice concentrate that one might use to make a screwdriver. The vodka flavor is very light. A fan of more potent beverages may consider adding more vodka and serving over ice with a slice of orange. Vodka lovers will be happy to see more and more vodka-based seltzers in our hard seltzer reviews section as the popularity of spirits-based seltzers continues to grow.

Trip Down Memory Lane

If you are a fan of screwdriver mixed drinks, you are going to love Loyal Light + Sparkling Orange Vodka Seltzer. This spiked seltzer has a great, Fanta-like flavor and just the right hint of vodka to give it the general feel and taste of a carbonated screwdriver. It is middle of the road on calories and alcohol by volume. Carbonation is also on par with your average hard seltzer. Just one sip will send you back through memory lane to the only once in a while treat of an orange pop from the gas station soda machine. Drinks have come a long way since those old machines. But, there is still something special about finding a classic orange flavored beverage that can remind you of those yesterdays. This spiked sparkling water does just that.


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