Loyal Light + Sparkling Vodka Seltzer Review: Raspberry

Loyal 9 Raspberry Vodka Seltzer

Rating: 92 Points

Calories: 95

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 4.5%

Loyal Light + Sparkling Raspberry Vodka Seltzer is Flavor Perfection

Loyal 9 Raspberry Vodka Seltzer— One of the rites of passage for children is going berry picking in the summer. Raspberry picking in particular was always popular. Can you remember the way the tips of your fingers would get stained with the vibrant pink juice of the berries when you picked them off the vine? You could spend hours in the fields under the bright, enjoyable sun. Everything else faded into the background. There was just you and berries and the sunshine. Of course, whatever poundage of raspberries you ended up paying for and taking home, is nothing compared to the number of berries you ate in the field when you were supposed to be picking. Fresh juicy raspberries are just too good to pass up. Capture that flavor experience again with Loyal Light + Sparkling Raspberry Vodka Seltzer.

Real Raspberries

Made using real vodka and real, fresh, tangy raspberries, Loyal Light + Sparkling Raspberry Vodka Seltzer has a beautiful berry color to it. Even before you pour the drink over ice, though, you will be overtaken by the delightful fragrance of raspberries just by opening the can. Truthfully, it would be hard to come up with a more tantalizing aroma for a raspberry hard seltzer. Opening a can smells just like a bowl of fresh raspberries sitting on the kitchen counter. In terms of calories, this beverage middle of the road at 95 calories per can. In terms of kick, each can has a 4.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). One can also boasts just 2 grams of total carbs and ½ gram of total sugars. This particular vodka-based hard seltzer is also gluten-free.

Loyal Light + Sparkling Raspberry Vodka Seltzer Has Perfect Flavor

This spiked seltzer has such a delectable aroma, the bar is set pretty hide in terms flavor expectations. Happily, this canned vodka cocktail passes every test. The flavor is absolutely glorious. The thing that immediately comes to mind when you first taste this flavored spiked seltzer is eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream with real raspberries on top. The raspberry flavor lingers beautifully on the tongue, with each sip building in flavor. Two sips in and you might be reminded of black cherry ice cream. Yet don’t fret, the flavor is not too sweet. It is important to note that the carbonation level is very good. It is a healthy carbonation, but not strong enough to overpower or diminish the raspberry flavor in any way. If you like berry and other flavored vodka drinks, look through our hard seltzer reviews to find more spirits-based hard seltzers.

Just Like The Real Thing

Made in Rhode Island by Sons of Liberty Spirits, Loyal Light + Sparkling Raspberry Vodka Seltzer is a real treat. The aroma of real raspberries will get your mouth watering as soon as you open a can. The flavor experience you have next is nearly earth stopping. You will definitely be reminded of raspberries and ice cream. From the initial fragrance you get opening the can, to the final sip pouring lustily over your lips, this hard seltzer is a treat. If you’re looking for the same kind of thrill you got picking raspberries as a kid, consider trying a can of this raspberry hard seltzer. You hardly taste the vodka. In fact, some may choose to customize the flavor with the additional vodka. Either way, this is an ideal drink for watching the sunset after a fun day in the sun.


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