Loyal Light + Sparkling Vodka Seltzer Review: Lemon

Loyal 9 Lemon Vodka Seltzer

Rating: 91 Points

Calories: 95

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 4.5%

Loyal Light + Sparkling Lemon Vodka Seltzer is Perfect for Sunny Days

Loyal 9 Lemon Vodka Seltzer— We all have our own favorite actor to have played legendary British spy James Bond. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, many talented actors have played the role. One thing every James Bond has in common is their affinity for vodka. You can hear the authoritative, confident Bond ordering his favorite drink, “Vodka martini, shaken not stirred.” Those famed words and the charisma of the actors who have spoken them created a whole new world of vodka fans. If James Bond was a real person living in today’s society, he might be tempted to try a vodka-based hard seltzer. One such beverage that might draw Bond’s attention is Loyal Light + Sparkling Lemon Vodka Seltzer.

Lemon Bouquet

Whether you are pretending to be James Bond or you are just in the mood for a tasty vodka seltzer, once you open a can of Loyal Light + Sparkling Lemon Vodka Seltzer you are immediately greeted by a stunningly vibrant scent. The crisp lemon scent is truly enticing. In fact, the fresh lemon bouquet is very authentic and will get your mouth watering for the opportunity to taste it. In terms of alcohol content, this lively hard sparkling water has a 4.5% alcohol by volume (ABV), which is fairly middle of the road. Calorie content is also in the average range at 95 calories per can. Each can contains 2 grams of total carbs and just ½ a gram of total sugars. It is also gluten-free like many other products featured in our hard seltzer reviews category.

Loyal Light + Sparkling Lemon Vodka Seltzer Has Tart Lemon Taste

Made in Rhode Island by Sons of Liberty Spirits and using real vodka and real lemons, this Loyal Vodka Seltzer is a beverage James Bond would be proud to drink. When you take your first sip, you are overwhelmed with a light, tart, lemon taste. There is nothing artificial about the flavor, nor the aftertaste. It has a good, clean finish and leaves the fresh taste of lemon on the tongue. You really can’t say enough about the zesty spiked lemon flavor. It’s not a “boozy” flavor at all. However, serious drinkers may take to adding additional vodka – which should not negatively affect the flavor at all. It is also noteworthy that you can drink a few without feeling bloated. It is a perfect drink for sunny summer afternoons. You can consider pouring it over ice and garnishing it with a slice of lemon.

Perfect for Summer

Loyal Light + Sparkling Lemon Vodka Seltzer is an ideal drink for sunny summer days. It has a lower-than-average carbonation level, which works to the drink’s benefit. The light carbonation blends well with the taste of real lemons and real vodka for a truly enjoyable flavor experience. The taste is complimented by the fresh lemon aroma that starts when you open the can, and sticks around until you are done. You can have a few of these beverages without feeling bloated, and unless you add additional spirits there is not a boozy taste to the spiked seltzer. The flavor is all natural and it shows in the drink’s authentic flavor. James Bond’s first drink of choice may be a vodka martini, but if he was expanding his options, he might well enjoy one of these vodka-based hard seltzers.


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