Coca-Cola Introduces AHA Flavored Sparkling Water

Aha Sparkling Water

Coca-Cola Debuts AHA Flavored Sparkling Water

November 6, 2019 — In response to the fast-growing popularity of flavored sparkling water, Coca-Cola North America introduces eight new flavors encapsulated in the launch of its new brand AHA.

AHA premiers with eight bold flavor fusions: Apple + Ginger, Black Cherry + Coffee, Blueberry + Pomegranate, Citrus + Green Tea, Lime + Watermelon, Orange + Grapefruit, Peach + Honey, and Strawberry + Cucumber. All of the flavored fusion options are calorie-free, and sodium-free, unlike many other carbonated beverages. AHA’s new flavor offerings are available in multi-packs of 12-fl.-oz. cans and in 16-fl.-oz. individual cans.

Extensive research went into the development of AHA. In order to devise what flavors to offer for its initial  AHA sparkling water selections, Coca-Cola spoke to thousands of consumers In addition to speaking to sparkling water loyalists, Coca-Cola also talked to those who have tried previous flavored sparkling waters but hadn’t yet found one that they liked.

To come up with the eight initial AHA flavor pairings, Coca-Cola started with a list of 800 potential flavors, before settling on their final eight offerings. The company also spoke to grocery, drug, mass retail, and convenience store representatives throughout the six-month development process.

One unique aspect of AHA sparkling water is that the Citrus + Green Tea and Black Cherry + Coffee varieties include 30 mg of added caffeine to provide a midday pick-me-up.

Coke’s water portfolio includes DASANI (the number one national water brand) and smartwater (the number one premium water). AHA joins Coca-Cola’s sparkling water portfolio that also includes the enhanced premium offering smartwater sparkling, and Topo Chico, a sparkling mineral water sourced from Mexico.

In the retail arena, AHA replaces DASANI Sparkling. However Coca-Cola will continue to offer DASANI Sparkling via DASANI PureFill and Coca-Cola Freestyle.



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