Aha Sparkling Water Review: Strawberry + Cucumber


Rating: 71 Points

Strawberry + Cucumber Is An Interesting Combination But Aha Missed The Mark

Aha Strawberry + Cucumber Sparkling Water— Plush fluffy towels, fragrant incense, tinkling of temple bells, and the gentle background sounds of crashing waves. Everyone speaking in hushed whispers as the Zen atmosphere envelopes you. This is what you might imagine when you think of cucumber water. However, Aha Strawberry + Cucumber Sparkling Water falls short in delivering this spa-like experience.

Not A Well Balanced Couple

Aha is known for its unusual pairings – apple + ginger, black cherry + coffee, blueberry + pomegranate — and this offering is no different. While strawberry is a very popular flavor, it isn’t that common in seltzers and cucumber-flavored sparkling waters are very rare. The pairing might work for some, however, because it takes the taste of strawberry and the rejuvenating properties of the cucumber and makes it a somewhat palatable drink. The cucumber restrains the sweetness that might have been present in the strawberry flavor, giving it more of a balanced and neutral taste. It has no chalky after taste and each sip is as consistent as the next. The bubbles are gentle — keeping with its mild temperament — but at the same time add a level that catches your attention.

Aha Strawberry + Cucumber Sparkling Water Is Pretty Average

This sparkling water has an average aroma strength which neither overpowers or underwhelms you. It features more strawberry flavoring than cucumber which might be what you’re looking for in a seltzer water. Essentially it feels like a strawberry seltzer with fresh cucumber slices in it. It might remind you of a fancy drink between spa treatments at a 5-star resort is it was more balanced. If you are looking for a drink to replicate the experience you have had at a high-end spa, then Aha Strawberry + Cucumber Sparkling Water might not be for you. It has more of a sweet berry flavor that is offset by the neutral taste of the cuke. This drink could make you feel pampered and luxurious, but the flavor combination won’t do that for everyone.

Mix It Up And Make The Best Of It

The Aha Strawberry + Cucumber Sparkling Water review led us to a different conclusion. While the drink itself is relatively mediocre, it might be able to more brightly shine as a mixer. Even though strawberries and cucumbers seem wholesome, perhaps this seltzer knows how to let loose and get naughty, too. It could make a nice accompaniment for gin and would give the impression that it was crafted by a very experienced mixologist. Cucumber and strawberry pair very well with gin and together they could make a fine trio. Create a drink that’s sweet and fruity tasting but with an elegant and mature essence about it. Maybe try it with some vodka, too. The mild flavor would almost negate the guilt you have from consuming a cocktail and mellow the alcohol a bit.  Add some watermelon slices or juice and you have a great mocktail for your summer parties as well. Or add some lime and crushed mint to make a very swanky drink. Cheers.


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