LaCroix Sparkling Water Review: Razz-Cranberry


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LaCroix Swings And Misses With Their Razz-Cranberry Flavor Combination

LaCroix Razz-Cranberry Sparkling Water— LaCroix Razz-Cranberry Sparkling Water is the combination of two unlikely flavors from the same family of berries: the deep rubied cranberries and the pinker, plumper raspberries. These two are normally never seen with each other but come together in this sparkling water. No one thinks of pairing these fruits together and you wonder why because they share more than their bright scarlet hues. They are both popular flavors individually and have sweet and sour tastes. Yet never are they combined in dessert or drink form. That is, until LaCroix thought of doing it. And the results are mixed.

Good Fragrance But Lacks In Flavor

It has a good fragrance and smells like raspberries (as the winning note over cranberries). However, the taste presents a somewhat puzzling experience. It has hints of both the fruits but tastes like neither of them. How is that possible you ask? We don’t know, but it has happened. LaCroix Razz-Cranberry Sparkling Water definitely has a distinct flavor. The usual fierce tartness of cranberries and gentle sweetness of raspberries is somehow lost when combined in this seltzer. The combination has an unusual taste, probably unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

LaCroix Razz-Cranberry Sparkling Water Might Work Better As A Mixer

LaCroix, the company that basically created the current craze for sparkling water, had a flavor called Cran-Raspberry which tasted almost like this Razz-Cranberry Sparkling Water. What is the difference? If you close your eyes you can swear there has been some pixie dust added and soft silky notes of jazz. The sweet cosmopolitan cocktail can get a modern makeover with LaCroix as its new base. It adds a layer of raspberry love to a popular formula that takes it from pedestrian to chic. This makes Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite drink a little more grown up and a lot less saccharine. The LaCroix label is famous for being popular with millennials and gen-z alike, but this particular flavor could easily have won the hearts of any age group if it was just a little bit better developed.

All Is Not Lost

If you are looking for something sophisticated with almost zero sweetness, this could be a good option. It also might be good as a standalone alcohol substitute for a teetotaler with a slice of lime. The flavor is more tart than sweet. It has a dry finish that reminds one of a dry wine, complete with the alcohol aftertaste. This makes it perfect for anyone who enjoys alcohol but wants to cut back on their consumption. Half cranberry and half raspberry, this isn’t a total success but it’s not a complete loss, either. It is a bubbly beverage that is a great substitute for alcohol and provides one with the same taste. What it lacks in a boozy buzz it makes up for with its welcoming, lightly tart profile. It has a flavor that you can’t quite put your finger on but makes for a nice change of pace.


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