Claffey’s Cocktails To Introduce Wine-Based Hard Seltzers

Claffey's Seltzer Cocktails

Claffey’s Wine-Based Seltzers will be Available in March

— Claffey’s Cocktails, who first introduced us to Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails, the world’s first Adult Freezer Pop, in 2014, have come out with a line of wine-based seltzers scheduled to hit shelves of big box retailers on March 1st. The seltzers are mixed with real fruit juice, free of gluten, non-GMO, and Kosher certified. Claffey’s Seltzer Cocktails are also guilt free with only 2 carbs, 2 grams of sugar and only 100 calories per can.

The seltzer ABV is 5% and Chris Claffey, Founder, states that “The premium wine-base leaves no after taste like some others on the market, who use malt as a base to their products. It is a game changer.” When the Claffey’s wine-based freezer pops were introduced, it was all about having fun according to Chris Claffey. There is something intrinsically fun and nostalgic about Claffeys Frozen Cocktails. Claffey insists that the seltzers are no different, stating that the seltzers are like, “A fun vacation in a can you can take 365 days a year.”

The seltzers are being introduced in four introductory flavors: Lime Time, which has a vibrant, citrusy mix; Blackberry Acai which according to Claffey, is the perfect balance between, “classic and exotic;” Tropical Paradise which boasts the sweet flavor of pineapple with a kiss of coconut; and Modern Mango which brings fans the flavor of ripe, juicy mangos all year long.

Seltzers should hit retailer’s shelves on March 1st in select markets of this year and build across the U.S. Claffey’s Cocktails is also planning on expanding distribution into the South American and Canadian markets as well. “Claffey’s freeze pops were the fastest selling wine-based product wine-based product in Walmart in the summer of 2020,” says Claffey. “We have great momentum and have no plans of stopping anytime soon.”

View ratings for all flavors of Claffey’s wine-infused seltzers on our Claffey’s Wine Seltzer Reviews page.


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