Claffey’s Seltzer Cocktail Review: Tropical Paradise

Claffey’s Tropical Paradise Seltzer Cocktail

Rating: 95 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Claffey’s Tropical Paradise Seltzer Cocktail Takes You on an Island Vacation

Claffey’s Tropical Paradise Seltzer Cocktail— There is nothing like a tropical vacation. You soak up the sun each day on the beach and spend your nights enjoying the local night life. The thing that cements the vacation as one for the ages is the delightful tropical drinks the local bartenders excel at creating. Think of drinking a coconut and pineapple concoction at the poolside bar, perhaps it is even served in a hollowed-out pineapple or a cup made from a coconut shell. Between the sun, the beach, the nightlife, and the flavorful adult beverages it’s a vacation to long be cherished. Now you can get that same sense of tropical fun with Claffey’s Tropical Paradise Seltzer Cocktail.

Pina Colada Bouquet

Opening up a can of Claffey’s Tropical Paradise Seltzer Cocktail is an invitation for delights yet to come. The fragrance hints strongly of coconut, and to a lesser extent pineapple. In truth the seltzer smells very similar to a pina colada that you might have enjoyed on your tropical vacation. The aroma immediately transports you to the beach. Since these drinks are so good, you will probably want more than one. The great thing is that at 100 calories per serving, having a few will not go to your mid section. This wine-infused seltzer has 5% alcohol by volume and carries only 2 grams of total sugars and 2 grams of total carbohydrates. The fruity beverage is also 100% gluten free. Find more wine seltzers on our Claffey’s Seltzer Cocktails Reviews page.

Claffey’s Tropical Paradise Seltzer Cocktail Let’s You Taste the Tropics

An interesting wine-based seltzer, this unique beverage offers the taste of coconut all day long. As with the bouquet, the flavor of this Claffey’s Seltzer Cocktail hits first with a heavy wave of coconut. As the coconut flavor dissipates you are then embraced by the crisp — almost citrusy — tones of pineapple. Both the coconut flavor and pineapple flavor are very authentic, which is not always the case with tropical seltzers. Being a wine-based cocktail will excite the demographic that also embraces wine coolers. It is also important to note that the carbonation level is spot on perfect, which adds to the experience. Think of being on a tropical island with access to a full bar – this is the beverage that you would want to mix for yourself. It is a treat in taste and attitude.

Eruption of Flavor

All in all, the total experience of enjoying a Claffey’s Tropical Paradise Seltzer Cocktail is one that you will want to keep pursuing. From the initial fragrance you get when you open a can, to the luscious and spirited eruption of tropical flavors on your tastebuds, this is a seltzer cocktail that is sure to please. You will not want to stop with just one either. And as a wine-based seltzer cocktail it is relatively low in calories and also gluten free. With strong flavors of coconut and supporting nodes of pineapple, this wine-infused seltzer cocktail will immediately evoke thoughts of vacations in the tropics. Featuring excellent carbonation to complement the authentic fruit flavors, this tasty sparkling wine seltzer is one that can transport your mind to your happiest of happy places.


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