Claffey’s Seltzer Cocktail Review: Lime Time

Claffey's Lime Time Seltzer Cocktail

Rating: 92 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Claffey’s Lime Time Seltzer Cocktail Pairs Wine & Lime Perfectly in a Seltzer

Claffey's Lime Time Seltzer Cocktail— There is nothing quite as satisfying as the citrus flavor of sweetened lime on a hot summer day. And limes go great with imported beers like Corona. Further, lime is great mixed with water, ice, and pure cane sugar to form limeade. Like other popular citrus fruits, limes are a rich source of vitamin C. And with their strong, acidic flavor, limes are an excellent candidate to accent the flavors of foods and beverages. But has anyone ever accented the flavors of wine using lime? We’re not sure, but we do know that you can now enjoy the citrusy flavors of the lime in a wine-based hard seltzer with Claffey’s Lime Time Seltzer Cocktail.

Enticing Aroma

When you first pop open a can of Claffey’s Lime Time Seltzer Cocktail you are greeted by the refreshing scent of fresh cut limes. The sweetness of the fruit fills the air with its enticing aroma. It is a nice, soft fragrance filled with the promise of the sweet yet tart taste to come. This beverage has 5% alcohol by volume (ABV), yet weighs in at only 100 calories per can. Each can offers 2 grams of total sugars and 2 grams of total carbohydrates. The lime beverage is also 100% gluten free, so it matches up well with current popular diets such as keto. This wine-based seltzer has a very soft level of carbonation, which is ideal for this kind of beverage.

Claffey’s Lime Time Seltzer Cocktail is Not Sour

We were very enthusiastic about the initial taste of this Claffey’s Cocktails Wine Seltzer. Right from the start you can taste the lime, and it tastes good. It is not overly sweet like some citrus beverages, however it is also not sour – making it quite a flavor treat.  Truth be told, the flavor is extremely well-rounded. Sometimes a citrus beverage will be too tart or sour, but Claffey’s wine-based seltzer doesn’t fall victim to that trap. Lime flavored wine is, at heart, a very cool concept that has now been realized in the form of this hard seltzer.  Now is the time to try one of these tasty drinks. You will be surprised at how authentic the flavor is. Often times lime beverages have an artificial aftertaste, but you don’t get that with this beverage. Find other wine-based seltzer flavors to try on our Claffey’s Cocktails Wine Seltzer Reviews page.

Well Rounded

The flavor of lime can be a great addition to many foods and beverages. If you are looking for an above average lime cocktail, consider the taste sensations of Claffey’s Lime Time Seltzer Cocktail. As wine seltzer, this drink is relatively average for calories at 100 per can, and for total sugars and total cabohydrates (2 grams each), however the flavor is worth every calorie. There is no bitterness in either the fragrance or the taste, which is not always the case with lime beverages. On the end of the spectrum, Claffey’s beverage is not too sweet either. Featuring an unassuming and light carbonation level, this tasty wine seltzer drink has a clear appearance and is extremely good at quenching one’s thirst. Once you have tried this particular seltzer, you will fully understand the allure of authentic lime flavor.


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