Claffey’s Seltzer Cocktail Review: Blackberry Acai

Claffey's Blackberry Acai Seltzer Cocktail

Rating: 94 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Claffey’s Blackberry Acai Seltzer Cocktail is a Berry Tasty Treat

Claffey's Blackberry Acai Seltzer Cocktail— Did you ever go berry picking as a child and recall the endless fields rolling out in front of you? Inviting you to come taste the flavor of summer. Just think of the freedom of being in the bright sunshine with an endless supply of blackberries, fresh on the vine. The sweet juices stain your fingers with hints of red and purple. The luscious berry tastes cascade over the tongue and down the throat. The fresh essence of the blackberries is both sweet and tangy, dancing on the tastebuds. Even after eating a few berries, the flavor lingers in your mouth. It reminds you once again how lucky you are to be enjoying the virtues of real fresh fruit. Now that summertime taste experience has been crafted into an adult beverage in the form of Claffey’s Blackberry Acai Seltzer Cocktail.

Inviting Fragrance

When you open a can of Claffey’s Blackberry Acai Seltzer Cocktail you are instantly treated to the fresh fragrance that is truer to that of grapes than blackberry. It is not a true grape scent, rather more like grape that has been influenced by one or more types of berries. While perhaps not an exact match for blackberry, the odor is indeed inviting, and whispers promises of a grand taste experience yet to come. This lusty concoction is a great beverage for summertime sun or an evening by the fire. The cocktail carries a 5% alcohol by volume (ABV), but only 100 calories. And this tasty spiked sparkling water is gluten free and has just 2 grams of total carbs and 2 grams of total sugars.

Claffey’s Blackberry Acai Seltzer Cocktail is Wine-Based

As a wine-based drink, Claffey’s Seltzer Cocktails are a relatively unique offering in the adult seltzer market. While the odor is more reminiscent of grape, the flavor is very true to authentic blackberries. The flavor is full bodied, nice, and deep like a glass of wine. The flavor is not overpowering. Rather, it is a taste sensation that excites and tantalizes. One of the great standout attributes of this blackberry wine seltzer is that there is not a heavy sweetener taste. Whereas some seltzers have a heavy sugar flavor, this one does not go down that road. The flavor is authentic and pleasing. In fact, you are probably not going to stop at just one. This is a beverage that you can enjoy several of in a sitting. Like wine seltzers? Find more flavors in our Claffey’s Cocktails Wine Seltzer Reviews.

Subtle Carbonation

Benefiting from a true blackberry flavor, the taste of Claffey’s Blackberry Acai Seltzer Cocktail is further defined by its low carbonation level. Rather than overpower the consumer with too many bubbles, the light carbonation of this seltzer reinforces the wine-based drinking experience. From the luscious bouquet to the hearty full-bodied flavor, this blackberry acai drink receives a glowing recommendation on all fronts. Low in calories, carbs, and sugars, Claffey’s wine-based seltzer is a drink you can really enjoy. Free of the overly sugary taste that plagues some berry flavored seltzers, this exciting entrant into the market provides a very pleasant drinking experience. The taste will immediately make you think of summers picking berries in the field – adding a sense of nostalgia to the enjoyment experience.


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