CANTEEN Vodka Soda Will Change The Way You Seltzer

CANTEEN Vodka Soda

CANTEEN Vodka Soda Combines Spirits And Sparkling Water To Make The Perfect Refreshing Seltzer

— Spiked seltzers and sparkling ready-to-drink cocktails are definitely having their day, and one brand is taking it the extra mile. With unique natural flavors and the addition of spirits, CANTEEN Vodka Soda is breaking the mold when it comes to delicious hard seltzer style refreshment. Its ready-to-drink canned cocktail brand not only offers the refreshing, easy-drinking feel of a hard seltzer, but the addition of vodka packs an extra flavor profile. If a tasty vodka-based canned cocktail sounds amazing to you, get ready to try this cutting-edge brand.

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Taking The Hard Seltzer And Vodka-Based Canned Cocktail World By Storm Since 2019

CANTEEN Vodka SodaAlthough CANTEEN Vodka Soda is relatively new—the line launched in the fall of 2019—it already has quite the following. CANTEEN prides itself on using real vodka to create its variety of flavorful vodka-based spiked seltzers. The company also takes pride in what these ready-to-drink vodka cocktails don’t have. Zero carbs, zero sugars, and zero sodium add up to a guilt-free drink to enjoy at your leisure. Because the brand uses corn-based vodka, it’s also a gluten-free choice.

The alcohol percentage may also take you by surprise. Although most vodka is 80 proof, which translates to 40% ABV, you can enjoy the taste of vodka in CANTEEN without the high alcohol content. At only 5% ABV, folks can easily consume a few without feeling overwhelmed by alcohol.

“One of the most important features of the brand is that we have zero sugar and no carbs. There are plenty of brands in the category that are full of sugar and carbs, which make them hard to enjoy and much less sessionable. CANTEEN is not filling and is light and refreshing and can be enjoyed on the go or at home,” says CEO and co-founder Brandon Cason.

Once hard seltzer became popular, spirits-infused spiked seltzers rapidly followed suit. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing beverages in the ready-to-drink category. “We developed this product with health-conscious consumers in mind that want a clean-tasting adult beverage without any residual sweetness or sugar, and delivers all the better-for-you attributes that people want,” adds Cason. “Vodka + soda cocktails continue to be the #1 spirit-based beverage, and now our fans can take their favorite drink just about anywhere they go to have a consistent, easy-drinking, and delicious experience.”

7 Different Flavors Offer Ultimate Hard Seltzer Refreshment For Any Occasion

CANTEEN Vodka Soda

These vodka-based canned cocktails also don’t skimp on taste. The brand has seven different varieties, all of which rely on all-natural flavors for their tasty combinations. It’s also part of CANTEEN’s mission to be transparent about their process while focusing on quality ingredients, which produces superior products.

“This is the highest quality, best-tasting canned cocktail on the market and, above all, it doesn’t rely on sugar or high-carb juices to achieve the desired taste profile,” offers co-founder Daniel Barnes. CANTEEN packs all of this in a 99 calorie canned cocktail that is ready-to-drink with just a pop of the top.

Black Cherry Vodka Soda

Those who adore the flavor of black cherry ice cream will take to this flavor right away. This tasty variety has a slightly sour profile with just the right amount of crisp refreshment. CANTEEN Black Cherry Vodka Soda is an all-American flavor tucked into a ready-to-open can.

Cucumber Mint Vodka Soda

CANTEEN Cucumber Mint Vodka Soda is like a spa day for your tastebuds. Get ready to sit back and relax—feel free to put cucumber slices on your eyes for extra effect—and sip on this incredibly refreshing combination of flavors. It may be your new favorite go-to variety!

Ruby Red Vodka Soda

Citrus lovers will adore the light flavor of CANTEEN Ruby Red Vodka Soda. The taste is true to grapefruit and isn’t sugary like fruity cocktails. If you reach for a sectioned grapefruit to start your day, then end it with this fabulous flavor.

Watermelon Vodka Soda

If you crave summer in a can, then reach for CANTEEN Watermelon Vodka Soda. This spiked seltzer offers all of the watermelon flavors you desire without having to spit out a single seed. A big plus is that the fruitiness isn’t overpowering, which makes this style easy to sip.

Strawberry Vodka Soda

There may not be a more beloved flavor than strawberry, so it’s only natural that CANTEEN Strawberry Vodka Soda was inserted into its lineup. A light strawberry taste makes this spiked hard seltzer extremely pleasant to drink any time of the year.

Lime Vodka Soda

The CANTEEN Lime Vodka Soda flavor tastes exactly like the name sounds. It’s the perfect combination of tartly sweet lime, flavorful vodka, and carbonated water. The ratios are spot on in this crisp drink. It also offers a little kick at the end, which makes this variety extremely delightful.

Pineapple Vodka Soda

If you need to head to a tropical island to unwind mentally, reach for the newest available flavor, a CANTEEN Pineapple Vodka Soda. Kick back, close your eyes, and head off to a vision of breezy days by the ocean. This not-too-sweet flavor is a favorite to pair with pizza, especially if you enjoy pineapple as a topping.

You can buy CANTEEN individual flavor 12-packs and variety 12-packs online and have them shipped directly to your door. As of the time of this writing, a 12-pack is just $29.99 and free shipping is available for orders of $35 or more. Sounds like a great deal to us!

CANTEEN Vodka Soda Complements Your Adventures Wherever They May Take You

CANTEEN Vodka Soda

One visit to CANTEEN’s website will confirm that adventure is at the helm. Whether you are rock climbing, camping, or fly fishing, take along a six-pack of vodka sodas to enrich your time. However, CANTEEN’s tagline is Wherever YOUR Adventure Takes You, which means that you don’t have to be exploring to enjoy this spirits-infused spiked seltzer cocktail.

Maybe your adventure includes relaxing with friends after a hard day of work. Possibly your perfect moment involves stealing a few minutes with your partner after the kids go to bed. Perhaps your ultimate excursion involves trekking to your bathtub to relieve stress during a good soak. No matter what, you can conquer—and recover from—it all with a CANTEEN Vodka Soda in your hand.

CANTEEN Vodka SodaCANTEEN also encourages folks to enjoy their vodka-based canned cocktails on the go. The six-pack design is perfect for packing in an RV, taking along to a tailgate party, or giving to your host as a thank you. From winter bonfires to summer beach trips, there are seven flavors just waiting to offer the ultimate refreshment for your own personal adventures.

Keep up with CANTEEN on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Use the hashtag #CANTEENspirits as you share your adventures with an ice-cold CANTEEN Vodka Soda in tow.


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