Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer Will Shatter Your Expectations

Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer

Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer Is Finally Here And It’s Glorious

— There’s no better feeling than enjoying the carefree and sunny days of summer. After all, the season is filled with fresh, fruity flavor combinations that folks wish they could enjoy all year round. And now they can! Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer delivers summer vibes no matter the month. Whether you’re going to the beach or cozied up by the fire, get ready to taste a spiked seltzer that will shatter your expectations. It’s no wonder the brand is taking the hard seltzer world by storm.

Tastebud Tempting Hard Seltzer Flavors

Although it debuted in 2020, Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer has made quite an impact already. Despite being a newcomer on the market, the delightful flavors of this brand have created quite a splash. From sweetly tart tastes to luscious berry tones, here are the flavors making waves from Sparkling Ice Spiked.

Cherry Lime Chiller
If your go-to flavor is cherry—think Jolly Ranchers and Slurpees—then Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer Cherry Lime Chiller is perfect for you. An intense cherry flavor is complemented by a hint of lime to create a decadent, summertime flavor. Worried about cherry red staining? There’s no concern here as this spiked seltzer flavor is colorless.

Lemonade Refresher
Perhaps there isn’t a more refreshing flavor than lemonade, which means the name Lemonade Refresher is perfect for this variety. It’s much like eating Italian ice or sipping on a cold glass of lemony Crystal Light. Drink one as you sit lakeside with friends, or grab one anytime you need a tasty reminder of summer days.

Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer

Ruby Fizz
Although this hard seltzer bears the name ruby, it’s for the flavor profile and not the color. Fans of grapefruit will rejoice as sweetly tart Ruby Fizz has a uniquely fresh taste. Wake up your senses with the flavor of grapefruit without having to section or peel the actual fruit. And not only does this spiked seltzer taste fabulous, but it smells fantastic, too.

Strawberry Citrus Smash
It’s no secret that summer’s go-to fruit is strawberry. From ice cream and sherbet to whole berries and breakfast smoothies. Strawberries are a clear winner no matter the season. And Strawberry Citrus Smash perfectly captures the berry taste. A hint of citrus complements just the right amount of strawberry flavor in this tasty seltzer.

Sparkling Ice Spiked – From Washington To The USA

Based in Preston, Washington, Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer has spread across the U.S. with fervor. And with 20 states on the roster in March and an additional ten added in April, this nationally renowned brand will be available in all 50 states by the end of 2021.

Whether you’re hiking your favorite trail, on a National Parks road trip in your RV, or glamping in rural New York, the flavors of Sparkling Ice Spiked are the perfect accompaniment. Because connecting with the outdoors with a delicious hard seltzer in hand is the way to go, no matter where you are. Say yes to adventure and exploring the great outdoors while enjoying this tasty hard seltzer—wherever you may roam.

Drink A Flavorful Guilt-Free Spiked Seltzer

Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard SeltzerWhen it comes to beverages, you don’t have to sacrifice taste for calories or high sugar content with Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzers. In fact, providing satisfying flavors while offering a low-calorie choice is vital to the brand.

“We are thrilled to introduce a new alternative to the adult beverage world that delivers the taste our consumers are looking for while shattering the expectations of what everyone has come to expect from hard seltzer,” said CEO of Sparkling Ice Spiked, Chris Hall. “With full flavor and zero sugar, we’re confident that the new Sparkling Ice Spiked will satisfy your hard seltzer cravings and quickly become your go-to beverage for everyday entertaining, outdoor grilling, and weekend escapes.”

In addition to packing a flavor punch with zero sugar, Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer has just 80 calories. And while you’re relaxing after a long day, you can sip a few spiked seltzers to melt your cares away. At only 4% ABV, it’s a smart choice for getting the refreshment you crave without the overbearing alcohol content. The alcohol is made from cane sugar and blended with natural fruit flavor and sparkling water. The result is a delicious, guilt-free, ready-to-drink hard seltzer.

Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer Seeks To Shatter Your Expectations

Some brands have a higher purpose, and elevating a beverage is what Sparkling Ice Spiked has done. In 2021 the brand seeks to be the go-to beverage for all of life’s moments that shatter your expectations. Their multi-year initiative strives to take ordinary moments and make them meaningful. No matter how seemingly insignificant, Sparkling Ice Spiked wants to encourage others to defy the odds and say “yes” to the moments.

“We’re thrilled with the feedback received so far with Sparkling Ice Spiked, and we’re so grateful for the support from our distributor and retail partners as we expand into new regions,” said CEO of Sparkling Ice Spiked, Chris Hall. “The brand’s goal is to turn ordinary experiences into extraordinary moments that become lifelong memories. As we head into the warmer spring and summer months, we are inviting consumers across the country to enjoy Spiked as their drink of choice for everyday adventures.”

Get involved in their #ShatterYourExpectations campaign on social media, and be ready for some of your own extraordinary moments. Turning simple occasions and making them unique is a fabulous way to boost gratefulness.

Are You Ready To Shatter Expectations?

Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard SeltzerNo matter where you are and what season it is, be sure to revel in the little things. And with a Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer in hand, you can conquer your busy days or relax after crushing your to-do list. Whether you enjoy a Cherry Lime Chiller on the go, a Lemonade Refresher in an Adirondack chair, sip a Ruby Fizz after a jet ski ride, or savor a custom cocktail made with a Strawberry Citrus Smash, you must incorporate these delicious hard seltzers in to your days (and nights).

Keep up with Sparkling Ice Spiked on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Be sure to use the hashtags #ShatterYourExpectations and #SparklingIceSpiked as you relish in the little moments with a fruity Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer in hand.



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